Going Dotty for Dorothy Perkins

Going Dotty for Dorothy Perkins.
A story of this week Midi obsession.

This week I am totally loving the new midi dresses on offer at Dorothy Perkins. Both dresses pictured above have the same shape and style but I'm showing two totally different ways to wear them. I love block colours and then teaming it up with colourful accessories. I have an obsession with scarves, but what I'm not lusting over are snoods, I own a few but if I am reaching into my wardrobe for anything it is usually a lightweight scarf and believe me my collection is huge and varied. This grey dress is perfect for comfort day to day or you could even dress it up for a night out. 
NOTE: This style doesn't suit everyone, If you are short this will not flatter your enviable petiteness. But I am one for trying on everything, I am an odd shape so if you like it, try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Two of my favourite style at the moment are Midi and Pleats, so paired together with this evening dress is perfect, on close inspection you will find not only the large bold polka dot but small delicate one's too. I just love the taupe and navy combination. Teamed with these adorable navy heels, make a statement with the bold colour.
This month I have been loving Moroccan Oil; at the beginning of the year I removed my dreadlocks, now my hair is in awful condition. I have been contemplating starting over and having a pixie crop, but I have done this is the past and I'm not sure that it suits me, but for the time being I think I'm going to perceiver and see what looking after my locks does for a while before considering something so drastic.
Another item that is always to hand is Burt's Bees Lip Balm, I bought this in the summer when I was working in Holland. After weeks of non stop partying my body was feeling less than impressed. Now I apply this at least 20 times a day, not through need of touching up because in fact this Lip Balm lasts for hours and smells incredible, I just do it out of complete habit.

Laurie Rose x

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