Today I am a Huffy Henry.

Today I am a Huffy Henry.
A story of a girl disappointed constantly.

So currently on the job front, well lets put it this way, it's just not. It's so depressing, waiting around to hear from people, or emailing so many different jobs and not getting any sort of reply. I'm actually losing the will to live! I would love to start my own business and work for myself, but unfortunately I need money behind me to do that. The one job I was really holding out for was based in the Wrexham Area, it sounded perfect, working as an Educational Assistant in one of our local National Trust Houses, Erddig. As a child I would visit there at least 10 time during the Summer Break with my Grandmother, I know the history of that house better than anyone I know, but today was the closing date and the last opportunity I had to hear anything from them, today is not a great day.
Although I did cheer myself up and bought some Super Cosy Tights from Primark a new jumper from Oxfam and lots of cheap 35mm film. We were hoping to take a long walk around Erddig Gardens today but the weather here this week is just so cold we decided a quick dash into town and then back home to a hearty dinner and snuggles and films, cause lets face it when we miss out on something we really want, we like to mope around and sulk for a while, I am only human and I think I deserve to after all my hard work over the last few months and for it only to amount to nothing.
The only option left for us now is our Plan B, Move to the big city, Henry can become famous and I can become a lady of leisure....hmmm watch this space.

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