A story of my life in film.

In early December on a weekly jolly to Oswestry I popped into my favourite Vintage shop possibly in the whole world Second Home
Owned by Sarah and her husband this quaint perfectly presented haven is home to all the gems left behind. I could spend hours distracting Sarah from her work, she is so open and friendly, over the years I have purchased some lovely items from her, my latest purchase was a handful of buttons and a beautiful head scarf, but anyway back in December I purchased a 1972 Ricoh 500 ME 35mm camera, we weren't sure of it's condition, but at £12 for a beautiful camera, original leather case and Sarah then threw in a detachable flash, I just had to have it! 

I have been snapping away and as always I let my films pile up, so this afternoon I finally took them in to be processed. I wasn't holding out much hope for my beautiful new accessory but low and behold I managed to actually get some great shots. Now I must profess I am neither a camera boffin or a technical geek so some are a little sketchy but I think that adds to the wonder of using 35mm.
I now have a new bedtime read which is the Ricoh 500 ME Manual so hopefully my next collection of prints will have a slight improvement on these.  
 Day out in Llangollen.
 Romantic Winter Walk in Holt.
 View From Holt Bridge.

A Crafters Haven - The Bead Shop in Afleck's Palace - Manchester.

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