Totsbots PeeNut Review

I've been exclusively cloth bumming now since Hedd was about two months old. To begin with I used my local nappy library, just to see if it would work for us. It's a great way of using them full time while you're building up your stash.

I'm was so excited to apart of this brand new launch. I received my PeeNut packages a few weeks ago and we're already smitten. For all you cloth nappy enthusiasts this is definitely one to have in your stash. I liken it to the Gnappies only it has a better fit and you can actually pop in the inserts, so they stay firmly in place.

I found the new system really worked for us, the slimmer fit meant Hedd could moved around a bit easier and his clothes had a better fit. As for washing they fitted into my routine pretty well. I don't soak my nappies I just throw everything into a bucket with a mesh liner and pop on the lid. When it's full I put everything into the machine, I do a cold wash first (this helps eliminate any bad smells) then I pop in some powder and it goes on a 60 degree wash. I found the inserts take a little bit longer to dry than the V3 and V4 but they are much more absorbent. 

When changing the inserts I used a cheeky wipe soaked in chamomile tea to wipe the inside of the wrap, I then give it a few minutes to dry (Hedd loves being naked) then I pop in the clean insert and away we go. It's easier to have one already snapped in when you're on the go as Hedd is a wriggler and I really haven't got a second to let things dry before he's trying to roll over or kicking his legs against the hard plastic changing unit.

Why not check out my very first YouTube review? I talk a little bit more in-depth about the nappy itself and show you exactly how it works, please be kind and give the video a big thumbs up. I was very nervous and I think it shows. 

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Laurie Rose

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