Just So Festival with Weleda

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was in the early stages of my pregnancy. Still unsure about our future and forever questioning if I'd be a good mother or not. I wasn't sure I'd cope and I know deep down others thought the same. I worried that my new little bean wouldn't fit into my hectic festival-filled life. At times - if I'm honest - I wasn't entirely sure I was ready to give up my mad weekends rolling around in muddy fields.

With each passing week the life I knew was slowly falling away. I was relaxing, learning and growing up. During the winter months I longed for the dewy grass between my bare toes, the smell of camp fires lingering in my hair but I accepted that from now on it would be me and my little man. Now I could experience the festival life from another angle and it was an exciting adventure to look forward to.

Hedd's first festival was a little, generally unheard of gathering in the Ceredigion countryside. Filled with conscious likeminded folk who enjoy a bit of flat foot dancing and local ales. He was only 11 weeks old and I was worried we wouldn't manage it, but he loved the great outdoors just like his mama and for the first (and only time) slept straight through the night.

At the very last minute, I stumbled across Just So Festival, apparently I had been following their page on Facebook, for how long I'm not entirely sure but had somehow over looked it. When I saw that Weleda were the main sponsors of the baby tent, I just knew I had to go. Set in the grounds of Rode Hall estate in Cheshire, Just So is the perfect weekend for families. I decided to drive over each day as we are only an hour away and because things were so last minute I didn't have time to sort out a tent, plus the weather forecast didn't look great and the damp really plays havoc with my Fibromyalgia.

I was mesmerised by the colourful characters and it was refreshing to see children, being children. They were dressed up, covered in glitter and that was just the parents. It's a perfect, safe way of letting your kids open up their minds and allow their imagination to go wild.

Hedd's still a little bit young to appreciate all the effort the organisers had gone to to make the festival so beautiful but me on the other hand felt like a ruddy big kid.

Most of our time was spent in and around the Peakaboo area, where you'd find everything you need for your little ones. There were stalls with a great selection of slings and carriers and cloth nappies and even a baby bathtime tent. But the best place to be had to be the Weleda tent, where you could come and enjoy a complimentary hand massage or come and shelter from the rain.

There were plenty of things for the little ones to do, so we decided to sign up for Baby Yoga and Baby Massage - both something we'd never really tried before. It was really lovely to connect with Hedd on a different level. We learnt some great moves to help with colic and reflux, how to relax and how to work on our breathing. The yoga class featured a lot of baby sensory from colourful scarfs to bubbles and Hedd really enjoyed it, I've already booked us on to the next baby sensory course in our area. I used to practice yoga a lot a few years back and I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoyed it, I thought it would be impossible to do it with a little one in tow but it's fun for both of us and just means even more bonding.

Then we stripped off for a bit of baby massage, here's Hedd showing off his snazzy cloth bum. Using the Weleda Calendula Body Oil we worked on the legs, tummy, chest and arms and the instructor offered us some handy tips and tricks to help with sleep (something we're desperate for right now) colic and even teething.

The festival itself was truly magical, we explored the woods and joined in with lots of the activities but Hedd is still a bit young, but seeing his little face light up as soon as we arrived made me so happy. He just loves being outside and I can't wait until next year when his little bare bum will be running around and rolling in the mud.

Thank you so much Weleda for bringing us together in more ways than one.
I'm running a little giveaway over on my Twitter to win some lovely Weleda baby products, head over to find out more.

Laurie Rose


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