Travel Baby Amsterdam Review

Before having Hedd, travelling was easy. Too easy in fact. The first time I jetted off to Amsterdam, I was young, carefree and totally in love. I spent four jam packed days exploring the city and experienced a few things I'll never be able to un-see. The second time around was a whole different story. I was still young and I was definitely still carefree but this time I feel in love with the city. I booked a one way flight and packed up my life. The time I spent in The Netherlands was life changing. I grew as a person and left, several months later a new person.

Now four years on, a lot has changed. I have responsibilities, I pay bills and I have the most amazing little buddy in tow everywhere I go.

Last month we decided as a family that we needed to get away. We'd had a tough six moths and it was time to jet off and let our hair down. And where better than my second home. We were flying with EasyJet and although I'm sure they're very careful with their hold luggage *cough cough* I really didn't fancy lugging around a pram, travel cot and baby as well as all our luggage.

So on the off chance, I decided to google 'baby hire companies Amsterdam' and there they were, Travel Baby Amsterdam.

I didn't even think it was possible to hire things like this and I was so surprised when I saw they had Bugaboo prams and snazzy travel cots. They were hand delivered straight to our apartment and Sabine even stayed to have a chat and assembled the travel cot.

Amsterdam is an easy city to get around with so many options from public transport, but when there's so many thing to see and do, the best way to see the city is by foot and I couldn't have done this with out Travel Baby Amsterdam.

If you have older one you can hire highchairs, toys and even carseats. Every city should have this service and I'm hoping to visit Berlin next year so fingers crossed.

Now I'm home I'm longing for another adventure, forever checking the easy jet site for cheap flights. Although it's not as easy to getaway these days, I wouldn't be without my partner in crime. Let's create new adventures, together.

Laurie Rose 


  1. What a great business idea! Love it! I hate carrying lots of baby gear and luggage in general when we're travelling. I've bought a travel cot and have left it at my mum's house in Sweden so that we don't need to take our regular one when we visit my family. :)

    How much does it cost to rent a travel cot and a pram, for example?

    I love Amsterdam too, definitely one of my favourite cities. I've got a friend living there at the moment so would love to visit again before she moves back to Stockholm. :) x

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