Baby styling with Osh Kosh | Saving money on baby clothes

People often comment on Hedd's outfits and I often see people looking when we're out an about. Hedd often gets mistaken for a girl, which I find incredible as this cheeky chappy is almost always in dungarees. On a recent eBay midnight binge I discovered the brand Osh Kosh and the rest is history. I have another three pair on their way to me and I have plenty waiting in my watch list.

I snapped these up for around £6 (including postage) and I put it together with this Organic Long Sleeved body by the brand Maxomarra, also purchased on eBay but this was brand new. These dungarees have been well loved but are still in great condition. And as for the body suit the quality is amazing. Luxuriously soft and the shape is definitely cut for cloth.

Hedd isn't in an outfit for very long so it makes sense to buy second hand and it's so easy and fun searching for unique one offs. I have a fool proof way to winning anything on eBay, I might put together a little YouTube video on how to get what you want every time.

Where are your favourite places to buy you baby's clothes?

Laurie Rose