Breastvest Review

My biggest achievement to date, after giving birth of course has to be tackling breastfeeding. We are now almost five months in and still going strong. Throughout the months we have overcome a number of obstacles; including mastitis, thrush and we are currently battling the hourly night feeds.
I've always envied those mamas with lovely little boobs who can discreetly pull their blouse to one side and feed away, allowing them to wear pretty much whatever they like. Unfortunately I'm not so lucky. Before getting pregnant I had an ample bosom, even when I was a lot slimmer, basically forever. And although I'd dreamt of breastfeeding for years, I hadn't actually figured out the logistics. I had envisaged whipping, my now H cups out almost anywhere. I thought I'd be able to lift up my top and away we go, but it's not that simple.

Over the years I had always preferred dresses and up until recently never owned a pair of jeans. Sacré Bleu! So having to get used to being more casual has been a real challenge. I miss my floaty florals and slimming midi's. Now I'm lucky to migrate from my pjs into a pair of yoga pants - pretty much the same thing, only slightly more socially acceptable amongst the yuppies in my local village.

The last thing I wanted to do was waste my hand earned cash on actual breastfeeding wear. They are really expensive and not that nice truth be told. Having said that I have managed to grab a few bargain on eBay. The only problem is so many people are bidding on them, you may as well buy them new for the winning price. 

Then I discovered the Breastvest. And as if by magic the gates of Heaven opened and shone a miracle upon me. The Breastvest is a really simple concept, it allows mamas the freedom to feed but still wear their pre pregnancy wardrobe. Not so great for me as the majority of mine are dresses but I do have the odd long top suitable to wear with leggings. I instantly felt a sense of relief. No longer did I have to trawl eBay during the night feeds. 

 I'll let you into a little secret. I've always been a fan of the vest ever since I was a child. It's a standing joke in my family. Even on a scorching summers day, you'll always find me adorning a little cami. The vest itself sits just under your bust and you wear the spaghetti straps as normal. The silky soft material has plenty of give so would work well with your changing shape. It is also great as a cover up if you;re still a bit self conscious about your tum. You can get the Breastvest in either black and white and they currently have a limited edition range of new colours, perfect under any top this summer. I really would recommend this to anyone as a breastfeeding essential. I wish I'd found out about it a lot sooner, I would have saved myself a few bob.

If you're expecting or you've already started on your breasfeeding journey and sick of spending money on 'nursing' tops, I'm running a little giveaway so just enter below. Good Luck! 

Laurie Rose 

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