want, need, wear, read | Festive edition

Never mind the dark night, the dark afternoon are finally here and now hallowe'en and bonfire night out of the way and the Christmas adverts are on I can't finally smile and start to enjoy the next six weeks.

Just call me mother Christmas, I've already decided where my Christmas tree is going to go and I've ordered some beautiful vintage wooden tree ornaments. The ingredients for my Christmas cake are ready to be whipped up and I'm waking up singing Christmas songs most mornings.

In this weeks edition of want, need, wear, read lets just say I am getting a little bit festive.

My favourite thing about this time of year is my Sunday Spruce as I like to call it. I like to have a long relaxing bath give myself a good old pamper session. And I've been longing to try out these items from Fig & Yarrow. Estée from Essiebutton first introduced me to the Cardamom and Coffee scrub a while back but the price had initially put me off but if you can't treat yourself to something special this time of year then when can you. And we all know how obsessed I am with anything containing rose and with the cold weather hitting us hard this year, I really need a good lip salve.

I'm not sure whether it's the heat of the stove or the comfort of eating during the winter but I always get an urge to cook. I dust off cookbooks and start planning meals weeks in advance. Having said that, I've been craving empty calories for the last few weeks and I've hardly consumed a vegetable all week. So I had an ingenious idea that I would take a leaf out of Hugh's Everyday Veg book and try jazzing them up a bit to make them a little more appealing.

As for my wears this week I have been loving everything on the Nancy Dee website for months and although it's not maternity wear there are plenty of dresses and tops that would look great regardless. I've been living in my maternity version of this dress which I got from New Look a couple of months ago but it's getting a bit tatty, so I'd like to invest in something organic that will last through my pregnancy and beyond. I have gone scarf mad the last few weeks but this one is wintery and lovely and the little pop of yellow adds another dimension.

Are you ready for the festive season?

Laurie Rose

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