Skin Saviours | Improving your dry skin this season

At this time of year my skin suffers from the change in weather and I have to make a conscience effort to keep my skin hydrated. I have always struggled with dry patches, and the only way to keep on top of it is to use a combination for products. Having had great skin so far throughout my pregnancy I'm feeling quite confident with the make up routine and I've been going for a lighter coverage foundation which may also be helping my dryness. The area around my nose and eyes tends to dry out first and then with the bitter frozen mornings we've been having of late, I've notice my lips have been very dry and I've been opting for lip balms over lipsticks for the last few weeks.

Not only does regular exfoliation keep your skin soft and glowing but adding it into your daily/weekly routine you will soon see other greater benefits. As you already know I am the biggest fan of Korres and I am yet to find a product of theirs I don't like. In the morning I usually have to take my time and slowly let myself wake up due to my Fibromyalgia. However that doesn't mean I have hours to spend on my skin care routine; the quicker it's done the better. I only use an exfoliating cleanser everyday during the colder months as I tend to opt for something lighter during the summer. I love buffing away those dead skin cells first thing, it really does wake me up and it leaves my skin feeling fresh without any tightness. After use I find my moisturiser penetrates my skin better and after only using this product for a few weeks I noticed my skin tone was visibly more even and a lot brighter. 

Serums are typically used to nourish and plump up the skin, making it visibly brighter and hydrated. However it's taken me a long time to find one that's light enough to use during the day as I find they can be heavy and make me appear more oily. Until now. The key herbs used in this product are Marshmallow which moisturises, soften and soothe and Buckwheat herb with its high anti-oxidant quality to help protect your skin. The Pure Hydration Serum by Herbfarmacy is their latest release and I'm loving it. It's light-weight and super absorbent, allowing me more time to relax and listen to the radio each morning. 

A new addition to my routine has been the Purely Bright Eye Correcting Cream by Jurlique. Since turing 25 I have definitely become more conscious and keeping in mind that prevention is better than cue. I, of course will grow old gracefully and embrace each line and wrinkle as added character but now I'm expecting I'm aware that the sleepless nights I had in my early twenties won't have affected me quite like the ones I'm about to have for the rest of my life with worry. I've added this into both my morning and evening routine and so far I've seen great results. My dark circles have improved and I'm no longer suffering from morning puffiness. The formula is 95% natural and the ingredients include, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract which helps reduce redness and often used for sensitive skin, perfect for use in an eye cream. And Meadowfoam seed oil which is rich in texture, making it perfect for use in balms and salves. It also acts as a barrier which helps lock in natural moisture. This product is almost definitely a firm favourite in my daily routine.

I have always be conscious about the products I use but since finding out I was pregnant I have really made huge changes to my lifestyle. I'm aware 'going natural' isn't always the cheapest option and trying to find natural, organic and cruelty free products on the high street is almost impossible, making the prices even higher after shopping online and p&p. However back in the summer I came across the company Nspa. Their affordable products are exclusively stocked in ASDA - which I have to admit isn't my first choice of supermarket - but it's more accessible and most stores have a great selection of products. I was initially sceptical about using an oil on my skin as I am prone to hormonal breakouts and oily skin on my chin and felt that adding an oil would of course make it a lot worse. How wrong was I. There is something quite luxurious about removing all your make up and adding a spa-like oil to your face. By the morning it feels like a mini facial and the hydration is instantly noticeable. 

How do you keep on top of dryness this time of the year?

Laurie Rose 

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