Pregnancy | Six Months

Over the last few nights I have been addicted to Pinterest, I've been suffering from pelvic girdle and struggling to sleep. I go through fazes where I love it one day and then completely forget about it. It was the same a few years ago with Tumblr but the inspiration on Pinterest is giving me so many ideas for so exciting up and coming blog posts and plenty of home and nursery ideas.

I have seen a number of bump silhouette images online over the years and thought how lovely it would be to document my pregnancy in such a beautiful way. However I'm not the best photographer and living alone I didn't think I'd be able to achieve anything like the images I'd seen.

Then one lazy afternoon with the curtains closed lying on the sofa it came to me. I have the perfect window in my living room and armed with my tripod and a few iPhone apps this was the final result.

I'm still surprised how quickly this pregnancy is going and I'm beginning to panic I'm not going to get everything ready in time. I have always been a worrier but I think my pregnancy hormones are making it a hell of a lot worse. Now at six months I've been through the ringer with emotions and just when you think your hormone roller coster is about to calm down, it takes a great big whopping loop the loop.

My pregnancy symptoms finally settled about four weeks ago and I got my energy back. The sickness finally went and I was able to sleep for a good four hours solid without waking up to use the loo or with pain. Then last week a whole new load of symptoms arrived. The constant need to pee, pelvic girdle, back ache and shortness of breath. Most of these things are normal but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. The only consolation has to be the amount Baby Belle is moving. He hardly lets up these days and I cherish every moment with him.

Being able to achieve this image has made me quite emotional today. I am learning to embrace my new body and even though I feel the size of the house I honestly can't believe this beautiful image is me!

Laurie Rose

How I achieved this image
iPhone 5s
Window & light coloured curtains
Tight black clothing

Camera + App
Afterlight App

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  1. You are an absolutely beautiful mama. I stopped and looked at this picture on my instagram feed for at least five minutes (which is like years for me on instagram). It's so 'just right'. I hope you manage to take a few more pictures with such resonance before we meet him. Thank you for sharing it! And I hope you feel better asap!