Weleda Oat Replenishing Treatment | Review

It must be something to do with pregnancy but my hair is in the best condition it's ever been in. It's fuller and has more volume and I'm generally loving it. I'm well aware that as soon as Baby Belle is born it will all fall out and I will be as bald as a coot. But for now let me have this moment.

I have been using the same routine for a few months and decided to share one product I've been loving lately.

I have been a huge fan of natural beauty brand Weleda for a few years now and would go as far to say they are in my top three for natural brands. I've talked about their skin food hand cream so many times on here and they also have a get rose range which of course had me at hello.

This Oat Replenishing Treatment has a strong scent and is thick and feels so luxurious when applied. I tend to use it once or twice a week depending on how the weathers been and apply to after my regular shampoo and conditioner. I slather it on and work it through with my fingers making sure it's evenly distributed and every stand feels the benefit. I then lay back in the bath and have a good old soak. I usually leave it on for about 10 minutes and then give it a good rinse with warm and then cold water.

After I've used this I don't feel I need a hair serum or an oil to tame my frizz (which I have to use after every wash usually) my hair is soft and manageable and the smell, oh the smell. It's heavenly. The scent lingers for days and I've even had a few compliments.

Now I can't say if it's this product alone or if pregnancy is a little bit to thank for how wonderful my hair looks lately but it certainly looks fuller and is definitely more manageable.

Pregnant? Loving your hair? Let me know what products you've been using?

Laurie Rose


  1. Weleda are a great brand! I have the oat shampoo which I alternate with other shampoos in my routine - I think I'll have to pick this up too :)

  2. I love Weleda Skin Food. Would really like to give this a try now, too! Great post. x