She's honey all over

Dress - Vintage (Belt Included) // Scarf - Auntie Shirley's // Sandals - Primark (thrifted) // Lips - £1 Bargain from Primark
I've been having a little break lately (possibly the worst time, since I'm shortlisted to win Best Thrifty Blog at this years Company Style Blogger Awards) but I had to submit my final pieces of work for the end of my first year of uni, which I can now breathe a sigh of relief as it all over, that's me done for the summer. I have been a little down lately too, not sure wether that has something to do with the extra pressures of getting my work in on time (something I have never been very good at - time keeping) I have been attempting to de stress, but it's proven more difficult than I first anticipated. I need a holiday, somewhere fun and pretty, with plenty of adventures. Today I dusted off my 35mm camera and went out for a little walk to the stream, the sun shone and I felt relaxed for the first time in at least two weeks. 

This dress is another late night eBay steal. I snapped up two dresses for £9 in total (including postage) unfortunately the other one had a drop waist which I couldn't tell from the pictures, that style doesn't do anything for anyone I'm afraid. The only exception to the rule is boyish figures, you girls out there are the lucky few who can pull off the drop waist wether it's the 80's does the 20's or a flapper girl dress, embrace The Great Gatsby style.
It might be due to the fact the sun is shining that I feel a little happier, but I needed to do what I needed to do for myself, I needed to admit to myself that sometimes we can't have it all and a well deserved rest is sometimes the only medicine.
 I even managed to get a cheeky ice cream from the little man that comes by our house, nothing says summer more than a 99!

Laurie Rose


  1. Love your hair. Absolutely stunning. The dress is wonderful as well.


  2. The blue dress really suits you!
    And I now really feel like an ice cream!


  3. Congrats! That's awesome. You look beautiful and blue really suits you :)x

  4. Cute photos!
    Maybe we can follow each other~

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  6. love, love, LOVE this dress. So adorable and I love your subtle vintage style x