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A few weeks ago I was invited to take a look around a current exhibition being held in Wrexham by my wonderful friend Jo Marsh, a local artist. Here | There | Everywhere was first born last year in Sheffield, when curator Jo brought together artists from all over the UK to create a successful pop up touring exhibition. Now residing above the Oriel at Wrexham Library (the old BBC buildings) Jo has transformed the space, which has been empty for the last 18 months into a peaceful, bright space full of vintage inspired pieces. 

Basic white rooms have now been filled with news paper clippings, zine pages and collinders. There are also contemporary pieces from Mike Jones (who designed my blog logo) who has taken his work off the page and transformed it into 3D pieces. Victoria Lucas' fascinating film 'Preening' shows a close up encounter with a wasp sprucing itself up. 

I am a huge fan of zine's and Rebecca F Hardy's pages from her first zine were really interesting, using one of my favourite welsh sayings 'di-galon.' 

Over all the exhibition has been a great success, I am hoping to see more from Jo in this wonderful space. Wrexham is expanding creatively and it's about time.

Here I have snapped a few pieces and also included a exhibition film, Enjoy! 

 Morgan Griffith - Nose Bleed

 Lesley Guy - Three Black Triangles Will Make You Look Younger
 Mike Jones - Untitled
Mark Riddington - Glitter Painting (Gold)
 Jo Marsh - The Road To Now Here
Cath Keay - Avanti 
 Rebecca F. Hardy - Pages From My First Zine
 Rebecca F. Hardy - Untitled From The Series Iseldar
 Ruth Cullis - A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place
 Victoria Lucas - Preening
 Estelle Wooley - Pigasus And The Hog Farm
 Jo Marsh - Neon Daft

Laurie Rose

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