I could never dance with another one

Dress - Thrifted (£3) // Sandals - Atmosphere but thrifted  (£1.99) // Lips - (£1) Primark

This is by far my all time favourite summer dress, you will probably see me in this a lot over the next few months. I picked this up at a local charity shop this time last year and I instantly fell in love. My love for inanimate objects i.e dress is now becoming obsessive. I am worried I have a serious problem. Oh well some people spend their money on make up or partying, mine just so happens to be all three, oooops! 

Over the next month I have decided to go on a spending ban, yes that's right Blue Rinse is finding a way of rediscovering her wardrobe and making the most of what I already have, which by the way is 100+ dresses alone. Apart from essentials, face wipes, razors, shampoo & conditioner etc I will cutting up my card, which is linked to my ebay, etsy etc just in case I get tempted, I have a cash card which I will use for day to day things but this is a way of testing my will power and a great way of saving.

This outfit is the first of many in a series of rediscovering the neglected items in my wardrobe. If it doesn't get included in the next month, then I'm afraid to say, I will be holding a blog sale at the end of June with my unwanted items, great news for you guys, hopefully this is something you will be interested in.
Laurie Rose 

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  1. That dress is really pretty :)
    I've got a M.A.C giveaway on my blog at the minute, would love for you to check it out.