Pro Base MUA Review

Over the last few months, I have been suffering with my skin. It's becoming such a problem that I even took a visit to the doctors to get to the route of the problem. I started a new contraceptive pill in March and I was convinced that was the cause of all my problems. I have been so self conscience and using all sorts of products to dry out my skin.

Apparently spots centred around the chin and mouth are down to diet and stress, which maybe the case for me. I've recently started a new relationship (which is great) but unfortunately you become comfortable, you eat out a lot, go to the pub and social drinking is becoming a little bit of a problem for me, not to say I'm an alcoholic but the odd pint out with friends is happening more often than is acceptable I think. 
MUA Pro Base Complexion Kit - Superdrug £6

I've had this lying around in my beauty box for a few weeks now, but I have been trying a few other concealers at the moment. I have never used anything by MUA, which is socking as the range is pretty good and the price is even better, perfect for us broke students. I have heard that their eyeshadows are good value, but I rarely wear eyeshadow and when I do I use my faithful Naked 2 Palette.

When I first applied the concealer over my spotty chin, I was astonished by the coverage it gave. It balanced out the redness and helped disguise any sign of blemishes. I like a full coverage and unfortunately this didn't do as well as I was hoping. The formula is rather greasy which is no good for my skin right now either, which is such a shame. 

Value for money factor is great but to purchase a whole palette just for the concealer seems a little silly. I wonder if their individual concealer is any good? 

Let me know...

Laurie Rose


  1. It's a shame that it's not too great. To be honest I've never tried their products before but I've heard good things so hopefully the concealer will be the same formula :)



  2. I was getting horrible spots as well and thought it was down to a crap diet, but then realised actually, I wasn't eating that badly! I saw on Ruth's blog, amodelrecommends, that she cut out milk and her face cleared up, and so I swapped my skim milk in my cereals and oatmeal every morning for almond milk and my face cleared up in a week. I'm not saying that's everyones cause, but it's worth a try!

  3. A new pill & new relationship definitely do mess with your skin. Some pills can give you all kinds of acne. I used to have tiny bumps appear all over near the jaw/cheeks. Disappeared quickly once I stopped taking the pills. Since you started this pill back in March, you should probably try another one!

    I ALWAYS noticed acne when you get into a new relationship. It's either from kissing or all those hormones saying hello haha.

    I don't think I could do a concealer palette unless I needed different colors for undereyes and blemishes. I had a concealer that looked like that. The coverage was good but it was greasy. :( Why make a greasy concealer?!

  4. SO frustrating when you begin getting spots and you're not used to it. I hate it. Have you tried the Collection concealer? It seriously lives up to the hype it gets and is definitely not greasy! Also, I am all about the Lush products to get rid of the spots. Pay them a visit and chat with them, seriously they've saved my skin more times than I can count!


  5. I get spots around my chin and mouth too - it's the only place I really get them and I've been told its because of the contraceptive hormone I take. In my book it's worth it, but it is annoying! The only thing I would suggest is that you try a brand of makeup called Lily Lolo. http://www.lilylolo.co.uk/

    I've been using it for around 4/5 years now, and I use it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I tried using Mac, and quickly gave it all away to a friend because it didn't even come close.

    You can get Lily Lolo products online (I know its pain you cant try any colours on your skin), but they have tester pots for all their makeup, which are REALLY cheap. There's a good guide to which tone will suit you - I just picked three I thought I was most likely to use and switch between two of these; one for summer and one for winter.

    Honestly, I wouldn't usually push any beauty product on anyone because I know we all have our tried and tested favourites, but I really implore you to try this as it completely changed my routine. The coverage is so good I only use their foundation, there's no need for concealer. It's a mineral-based one foundation (all their products are) and my skin has never been better. It doesn't block pores and it looks completely natural - my own mum didn't know I was wearing any and just said that my skin was amazing all of a sudden!

    Flora x


  6. I haven’t tried this personally but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Sounds good though from what you’ve said. Might have to actually go out and try it now! Defiantly your newest fan now xx