Korres Wild Rose Foundation : Review

I've had a love affair with Korres for some time now, so much so that most of my make up bag / daily routine includes at least two of their products, this is borderline obsession and I'm actually proud to admit I have an addiction. If I like a product I never want to be without it, so I will keep repurchasing, even if something new and more exciting comes along I'm still comfortable in the knowledge that I have a back up plan. Having said that I am forever reaching for specific items, especially from their Wild Rose collection. 

As I suffer from combination skin, I like to mix up my foundation routine regularly. In the past I haven't had a great relationship with natural foundations, the formulation never really worked with my skin, they would often dry far too quickly and clump and cling to all my dry areas. Until now that is. On receiveing this item I instantly loved the packaging and size. I love using a pump on any product so that was also a bonus with this foundation. 

I am using the lightest shade, which unfortunately I found to be slightly too dark for my skin tone, it's not extremely noticeable and I am able to wear it. It's a medium to full coverage which is perfect for long days at work or nights out and it's definitely buildable.

My best friend who has slightly a darker complexion than me has used this a few times when we have been going on nights out and she was so in love with it she has even ordered it. 

Wild Rose Foundation in the shade RF1 - £20 (www.Johnbellcroyden.co.uk)

Overall I really enjoyed everything about this product and maybe in the summer when I have a healthier glow it will settle into my skin a little better, but for now I am loyal to the little shades and embracing the BB creams right now, giving my skin a little break.

Laurie Rose


  1. Oh wow, I've never heard of this but it sounds great and I love the packaging! xx

  2. I tried a Korres foundation in Austria (I don't think it was this one though) but they didn't have my colour :( boo! Love korres x

    Lipstick Theory

  3. I didn't even know Korres did other products but it sounds great! x

  4. great blog!

  5. Great review, I have never tried this before :) will keep an eye out for it x


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