Cultural adventuring before I lose Christy to Europe

Our end of weekend adventuring began slightly hungover after a week of drinking and celebrating the third annual local festival in our home town Wrexham. Focus Wales unites people from all over the world in our little town to celebrate all genres of music in a number of venues. Discussions and confrences are held too, which proves very interesting for individuals who are looking to break into the business, whether you are a musician or events organiser there is something for everyone.

We had a 40 minute wait at Shrewsbury and went on the look out for somewhere delicious to grab a bite to eat, we stumbled across The Shrewsbury Coffeshop which is pretty much directly opposite the station, the selection on offer ranged from breakfast bagels to sweet treats. I opted for the delightfully named Scoffin (what I gathered to be a cross between a muffin and a scone, it was incredible) served warm with butter accompanied by a delightful pot of loose leaf earl grey, it was safe to say our hunger pangs where well and truly satisfied. 
On arrival into Cardiff we sniffed out the thrift shops and stumbled across a Flea Market, just off Castle Street. We tried on a few items but unfortunately I didn't find anything worth parting cash with. Christy however found two beautiful dresses and even managed to get into a size four, oh if only I could be so lucky, but after a week of abusing my body, tomorrow I am joining the gym and shifting the pounds ready for summer. 
After a few hours of shopping, the cocktails were calling and after a few recommendations we headed to the Buffalo bar, for a gin cocktails and some scrummy home-cooked food. 
Then it was time to experience the incredibly evocative and moving performance by Ludovico Einaudi, Christy and I were moved to tears on several occasions. The ambient display span over two and a half hours and we were lucky enough to see Einaudi and his orchestra run the whole new album 'In a time Lapse' from start to finish. In the second act Einaudi delivered an outstanding array of pieces old and new, accompanied by a spectacular lighting show, never have I ever experienced so many emotions in such a short space of time, truly phenomenal. 
The night was still young which meant only one thing, COCKTAILS. 
We came to the conclusion the next morning, over breakfast that Cardiff's cocktail are definitely made minus the alcohol as we had clear heads and were ready to start the day on full form. A jam packed day of sightseeing and wandering around in the Monday sunshine. First stop Cardiff Castle which presence is dominating in this quirky city centre. We opted for the guided tour which lasted a little longer than an hour, we were taken around the Victorian part of the castle and we were enriched with it's history. The tour guide was hilarious and certainly brighten up my day.
Dress - Flea Market // Cardi - Primark // Small Leather Backpack - Vintage // Boots - Topshop (Sale) 
Our tummies were rumbling after all that morning fresh air and Steff had suggested we try a small family run Italian restaurant in one of the main arcades opposite the castle. Restaurant minuet serves traditional italian cuisine, all the dishes are named after famous classical composers (seemed fitting) I didn't have a chance to get a snap shot as I was too busy enjoying the incredible bowl of pasta I had ordered. If you live in Cardiff I whole heartedly recommend this place, open for lunch 6 days a week and you can even bring your own booze.
I will never forget this weekend and it ended with Christy and I exchanging gifts of our time in Cardiff, something silly and something meaningful. You truly mean the world to me my dear and when you're in Berlin living the dream, just remember, we always have Cardiff, Ffrinidau am byth!!

Laurie Rose 


  1. Einaudi is amazing isn't he? I went to see him a few years ago in London after hearing his music on This Is England. It's all the more moving in person! Since then I've bought and learnt so many of his pieces on piano - I'm glad to have stumbled across someone my age who loves his music enough to see him perform in person too. x

  2. I went to university in Cardiff and goodness me this has made me miss it so much more! I love Buffalo and 10 Feet Tall and I loved exploring the castle in the sunshine last summer. So many good memories in that city! I'm so glad you enjoyed it too :) xx

  3. Ooh where's that coffee shop in Shrewsbury? I love going there, there's a nice cafe called Tiffin's in an arcade that used to be an old hospital, round the corner from the church by Subway...very accurate directions there! Looks like you had fun in Cardiff, the castle is lovely! The staircase in the Victorian bit is amaaaazing. xx

  4. After reading your earlier post saying you were going to see Ludovico Einaudi I called up last minute and managed to get hold of 2 amazing seats to see him that night in Basingstoke! So glad you drew it to my attention, he was absolutely incredible so thank you!


  5. Sounds like an epic weekend! I've yet to even venture to Wales! xx

  6. I love reading your blog, its inspired me to start my own. Seeing these pictures of the flea market reminds me of the vintage fairs that pop up in London. Can't wait for the results of the Cosmo awards good luck



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