The Librarian

Today's outfit is inspired by one of my favourite places to visit on a rainy day, The Library.
You will often find me chuckling away in the children's section or seriously engrossed with my nose in a classic. I never know what I am looking for, I will often spend hours just browsing surrounding myself with the beauty a book holds within.

So today for once the weather forecast had been correct, I waded through the flooded pavements, splishing and splashing around in my welly boots on the way. This dress had it's very first outing today & I very much enjoyed wearing it. I purchased this dress back in December when I was slightly more round and it was uncomfortably tight but I loved the colour and was intending to lose a lot of weight so it stayed hung up until this morning when the excitement of going to the library made me want to dress the part. This dress was only £3.99 for my local Salvation Army, I know I'm a nag but get out there folks and rummage, you never know what you will find.

Secretly I have always wanted to be a Librarian, I have a wonderful friend Emily who work in my local library and I envy her, plus she's super amazing at knitting, Emily runs a beautiful Knitting/Baking/Lifestyle blog called I've Got Knitsy'all should have a little peek. 

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?

Laurie Rose xo


  1. You are so lovely!:))


  2. LOVE THIS! You look fabbb! I love the cardy and glasses combo too! Always a winner! I have not had a good day of charity shop trawling for a while, I think it's time! Maybe when you come down we could do that! If so, we should definitely go to the Oxfam book shop! Im rather afraid to say I have been neglecting our local libraries now I work the dreaded officey type hours, however when we move to Brighton I plan to make use of their excellent facilities!My favourite rainy day activity is to make a cuppa tea, grab the cat and knit, cross stitch or bake! xxxxx

  3. Hola! Ya te sigo!!!


  4. Enjoying the style of your blog...aesthetically pleasing indeed! I am a new follower : )

    Have a great weekend,

    --The Beauty Professor

  5. Anonymous22:11

    Your dress was £3.99 from Salvation Army! I thought it was H&M it's gorgeous, I love the colours! I'm volunteering at my local library this summer to help children doing a readathon, not sure how it will go though, hopefully lots of screaming children won't spoil my love of the library hahaa! Tilly x

  6. Ooh, I really love the style! ^^
    And wow, that dress is super cute! Haha~ you're making me want to run out to the Salvatin Army store now! >U<
    Hehe, I might check it out later! ^3^
    Love the setting and style to your blog! Super pretty!
    You have a new follower! ^^

  7. most stylish librarian EVER.

  8. The dress is such a pretty pink color. Great print too. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  9. i love the dress colour a lot, and i also like the baroque print dress u wore previously. I'm your newest reader, x - The Nuliya

  10. Lovely outfit!
    It's actually raining here in Oslo today:) I have been eating pizza and watching Japanese anime lol