Week Three

Instagram : Week Three.

Week three of my instagram lovelies, this week has been super busy with work but somehow I managed to go for a meal with my mum, thrift & do an OOTD, more than I would do in a whole week off. I love sharing these with you guys, this is my week in instagram!


OOTD, Vegetarian Thai Curry with Mango and Chilli Salsa @ The Cross Foxes with my Mum, Lusting over The Tallest Man on Earth, Dolly & Ginger Nuts @ Work, New Blue Shoes, Collection 2000 Lipstick, Bag & Scarf : Thrifted, Casserole Dish : Thrifted.

Laurie Rose xx


  1. I love those shoes! They're so cute :) x

  2. Gosh, I love love your shoes! Cute post, I love your hair in the first photo too - I wish my hair would curl like that!



  3. The shoes are really cute and your hair looks lovely, wish I could do mine like that xx

  4. I love those blue shoes! Where did you get them from?! Also, Dolly and biscuits - what a great way to spend your time! I am really liking Instagram at the moment. I used to feel like such a dufus taking pictures of random things but that's the perfect outlet.

    Laura x