La La Love You.

Valentine's Day.
A story of my first valentines day ever.

Hello all you lovers out there, so this year I am more than excited that this will be the first year I will actually be in a relationship, now the only problem being Henry doesn't actually like Valentine's Day, but a girl can still dream. We are pretty broke at the minute which doesn't help so trawling the internet I found this recipe. Now I pretty much get breakfast in bed all the time, because Henry is a doll and likes to treat me, this morning it was a cup of tea in my favourite mug and a bacon sandwich. He then had to pop out to run some errands and brought me back a bottle of Lucozade because if I haven't already mentioned I'm sick.
Of course I have a long list of gift I would love Henry to shower me with, but after all do we need a day to celebrate our love? We do that everyday.

So guys your gals will just love this, maybe you could share it because it is quite daunting.


3 heart shaped pieces of bread (I used a giant cookie cutter)
 your favorite french toast batter (I used 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/4 tsp vanilla, and 1/4 tsp cinnamon, I LOVE CINNAMON!
3 large sliced organic strawberries
2 pads of salted butter
 2 tbs of Mascarpone cheese
 2 tbs of chocolate spread (you can use Nutella but I'm unfortunately allergic to nuts)
*optional whipped cream*

Okay love birds let's get started. Cut your Bread into heart  shaped pieces, soak them into your french toast batter, try not to dribble any along the way, I'm such a messy pup in the kitchen so I'm sure you will manage a lot better than me. Place them onto you HOT skillet, when both sides are beautifully golden, leave them to cool, room temperature is best for this.

 Now it's the fun bit, spread on some wonderful Mascarpone Cheese, if you haven't tried this yet then you are missing out. It's an Italian sweet soft cheese, used in sweet and savory dishes, but I prefer it in deserts such as Tirimasu. It's a mix between soft cheese and whipped cream, yum!
Strawberries are my all time favourite fruit, I know this time of year they are a luxury item in your shopping basket and they tend to be very sour, give them a good sniff, if they smell sweet then jobs a good 'un.
Layer and spread your ingredients until you have a tower of sweet loveliness.
Powder with some icing sugar or cover the top in more Mascarpone  what ever your heart desires, but nothing says I love you better than this sweet treat to share.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Laurie Rose x


  1. Wish I'd seen this before Valentine's day, my boyfriend would've cried with happiness! Thanks very much for following me :) x

  2. No problem at all, I love your style, I have total hair envy! Its a great recipe Henry loved it hehe :) xxx

  3. Wow, these look amazing, I think I am going to have to give them a go soon!
    x Molly

    1. Make them with your man friend, it can get messy, have fun :)


  4. Wow! Looks so beautiful and yummy! I'm saving this for valentine's day next year.

  5. Yummy! I am really hungry now! what a cute idea and it looks so tasty:)

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  6. this looks so amazing! x

  7. This looks amazing! In the absense of a better half I shall be trying this out with my best mate! xoxo

    1. Probably be even more fun ;)

  8. That looks delicious! :) x

  9. Your blog is so cute and this looks deeeeelicious. Just started following xx

    Hope you can take a peek at my blog xxx