1800 Week Four.

A story of some Seattle-ites & their twee indie record.

This week I am ill and this cold weather is really taking it's toll on my skin and my immune system, I needed warming up, cheering up & waking up from my winter hibernation.
So I know I haven't been up on my mix tapes for the last few weeks, I have been really busy doing nothing to be honest. I'm still not sure which way to take this blog, it seems a bit mixed right now, I am truly Miss Indecisive. I love music and when I was working in Holland, my Sunday morning mix used to get many compliments, which was a great ego boast, as I have been told in the past I like depressing music, so what if I do, the music I like is eclectic, emotive & always meaningful.

This week I am so delighted to introduce you guys to Seapony. A dreamy summer pop band from Seattle. I stumbled across these a few days ago on Youtube, I happen to always just stumble across these new bands lately and I'm loving it. Their debut album Go With You is easily described as infectious. The pillowy guitar and wispy soprano vocals are delivered with childlike melancholy and wonderment. The insanely safe album does have a slight tendency to bleed into one. But for me an easy listening album, and not to be scrutinised so closely, but if you are to pick and pull apart this album you could say it was samey. The overcast sounds draw you in to their indie simplicity. Perfect for dragging your chilly mood up during this ever so depressing Winter we are having here in the UK. With similar sounds to band such as Beat Coast, The Field Mice & The Dum Dum Girls, this twee indie sound is possibly my favourite right now, warming my ears and heart this winter, longing for beaches, camp fires and festivals...bring on the summer!

So dust off your picnic baskets and get your sunscreen and sunglasses at the ready.
Summer is not far off.
Thanks for listening.
Laurie Rose x

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