Quick & Easy Chocolate Cup-Cake

Quick & Easy Chocolate Cup-Cake.
A story of a need for chocolatey goodness.

On this freezing cold Sunday evening, I decided I was in need of a tasty chocolatey treat. This Quick & Easy Treat takes all of 5 whole minutes to make. Henry & I decided we would have a quiet relaxing night watching movies, I have awful tummy pains today and I definitely knew I needed CHOCOLATE! I remembered this amazing recipe I found a few years ago and I thought I would surprise him with it, since he has waited on me hand and foot today, he made me lunch and copious amounts of tea to warm me up and ease my headaches and tummy pains.

And here it is...

It is so simple, so why not try it?


4 tbsp Plain Flour
4 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
1 Egg (beaten)
Pinch of Salt & Pinch of Baking Powder
3 tbsp Milk
3 tbsp Oil
2-3 Drops of Vanilla Extract (optional)

Place all ingredients into your favourite mug (well I used my second favourite as I accompanied mine with a cuppa, in one of my favourite Christmas presents)
Full power for 2 1/2 Minutes, and that's it!
Hope you enjoy,
Let me see how yours turn out I would love to see :)

Laurie Rose x
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  1. With this cold weather choccie and tea are the best solution ! <3

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  2. looks so yummy! :) just perfect for the wintertime!



  3. your blog is lovely! i love all the amazing photos. enjoyed browsing... and just followed on google! i would love to stay connected. have a fab wknd, and all the best on your lovely blog. :)