Now who said the nighties had possibly the worst era for fashion? Oh wait that was me. Growing up it was all Lycra and shimmer. I was competley unaware of the incredible grunge scene going on around me, you see I was far too young, but the second time around you can throw me the acid wash, baggy knits and plaid because my friends I'm in! Dust off those Doc Martens and bring out the oversized leather jackets. As for the hair bob it, shave it, dye it, curl it or grow it out. Whatever your look the roots have to be as dark as possible. The more unkept you looked the better. Slash it, flash it or just trash it. Dresses aren't meant to be pretty, those famous flat boots with the yellow stitching it's time to dress down everything you own.
Think androgynous, not over styled, think rock n roll, think unique, think attitude.
These days designers aren't draping their models in charity shop finds or bin dived goodies, instead they are deliberately distressing jeans and slashing holes in t shirt. Adding more lace, glitter & accessories. The deliberately over worked garments are meant to create the illusion of the morning after the night before look, it's not cheap to create this look, many are selling for hundreds even thousands to look as trashed as possible. But who do we find dressing like this? Thirty something professionals with a steady income and big bucks to be splashing out, no it's the 20's somethings working part time for probably minimum wage, funding their way through uni. Bin dive if you must, trawl the many charity shops for over sized flannel shirts and the natural dirt and life experience grounded into that old work man's denim jacket.

Laurie Rose x

0.Lips in Mischief, Topshop.
1.Cropped Tank Top, Topshop.
2.Black Nail Polish, Barry M.
3.Leather Jacket, Rare.
4.Strappy Button Sundress, Topshop.
5.Cropped Blouse, Topshop.
6.Grey Acid Wash Skinny Jeans, Topshop.
7.Black Kohl Eyeliner, Mac.
8.Skull Necklace, ASOS
9.Original Dr Martens.
10.Ripped Tights, Topshop.
11.Matte Eyes in Blackboard, Topshop.

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