The Bikini Countdown.
A story of my final attempt to wear a bikini this summer.

Okay, so it's a new year blah blah blah, I'm sick of hearing people around me complain about how they will never reach their ideal weight goals, when they are actually doing something about it and over time they will probably lose enough to feel comfortable gracing the beaches this summer. The truth of the matter is I am unhappy. Over the last few year I have suffered from depression & severe anxiety, which I now feel open enough to talk about. I put on a lot of weight through the over use of alcohol and of course a cocktail of prescription medication, needless to say the comfort eating didn't help either. Years ago I knew I would never swan around the streets in skin tight clothing or short skirts that skimmed my backside, I was built like that and I had accepted it, but I always felt I could tone up a little hear and lose a few inches there. I was dancing four full days a week at college and also worked full time at a restaurant, I was never still. I was healthy and within my healthy BMI, weighing in at just over 10st (140 lbs) give or take the odd bottle of wine, what I was a student! There always was a pressure at college to be thinner than the next girl, it was all about the image of course. But I wasn't one for starving myself or sticking my fingers down my throat.
Now after gaining a whopping 40lbs I think it's time I actually do something. I think it's time, not that I get skinny, but I become healthy. This summer it would be refreshing to buy a bikini that fits over my boobs and to see those toned thighs I once had make an appearance. So hear is my pledge, one I have to just say this has been very hard to share on something so public as my blog, as everyone knows I am extremely open about almost anything, but at the end of the day I am still human and a woman and the question I always dread answering is "And how much would you say you weight Miss Belle?" This is a change to my life style not a quick fix, fancy fad crash diet. 
I would love to hear from other people in the same boat, maybe drop me a line, let me know how you are getting on, or maybe you need to confess to eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's while having a Bridget Jones marathon, we have all been there.

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Laurie Rose x

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  1. Im on the same page as you here! Im never gonna be skinny, just want to tone and loose those spare inches! I just never keep up with exercise and healthy eating! There's always some excuse! But I've only got myself to blame! I'm always saying this is the year to sort it! Well this year will be the one for change! Haha xo