My Three Muskettes.

My Three Lovely Ladies.
A story of my love for my three feathered friends.

They are not for everyone but I just love my wonderfully noisy trio. Every morning I am greeted with a high pitched squeak, I greet them we have a little chat, they peck at my feet and my hands in a playful way, they throw water over me and usually do a poo right where I'm about to walk, yes my ladies have awful coop etiquette, but all that aside they sure brighten up my day.
Rita, Cilla & Ruby have been with us since October, they are the most wonderful pets to keep, low maintenance and daily rewards, which are yummy.
Right now we have more eggs than we know what to do with them.

 Cilla, Rita & Ruby. (excuse the dirty coop crocs)
We keep one egg in there so they know where to lay.
 Cilla is the noisy one.
 Three beautiful, clean eggs everyday. Omelette for lunch anyone?
 Oh yeah, I really feel for ladies out there in the cold, this is my pond, totally frozen over again, poor little fishy's, still no sign of snow, every year it's the same, the whole country seems to be covered and at a standstill and Wrexham just keeps plodding on, oh well!

A little more incite into my little family and my pretty mundane life.
Laurie Rose x


  1. I have to say that fresh eggs are the best, the cakes you can make with fresh eggs.

    1. I totally agree, best cakes :)


  2. Awh this is lovely Laurie! Not mundane to me, perfection!Im a country gal at heart, even if I may end up in London soon! Thank you for your email, I cant find it now but am desperate to reply! xxxx

    1. Me too I love the country, I am so spoiled where I live I have the best of both worlds on my door step! Find Find Find hehe xxxx