How to safely co-sleep with Snüzpod

During my pregnancy I began to model myself on the perfect Earth Mother. I started looking at the products I was using and how my lifestyle was now affecting my unborn child. I hoped to breastfeed and regardless of opinions I was going to be cloth bumming. I was a big believer in the positives on babywearing and co-sleeping was a must. I spent my whole pregnancy researching the best nappies and building a stash. I read everything there was to read about breastfeeding and tried out all the slings and carriers on the market. But working out the logistics of sharing a bed with my baby scared me and I became almost obsessed with the prospect of possibly rolling over and suffocating my child that I decided to Google co-sleeping baby beds.

I knew I was going to be breastfeeding however difficult it may be and needed my baby to be close. As a first time Mum I was sure there would be plenty of sleepless night ahead but having him right there would help reassure me he was okay. The one that came out on top was the Snüzpod and some of the key features meant I would be able to soothe, settle and feed my baby without having to leave my own bed - perfect for a first-time single Mum living with a disability.

The concept of co-sleeping is an ancient practice and some parents still believe it's the best option for them and their baby and I must admit there have been times when Hedd has been in with me. He is yet to sleep through the night and will often wake up every two hours for a feed. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement and without the Snüzpod there is a chance I would have given up breastfeeding a long time ago.

The national recommendation is that your baby stay in with you until they're six months old so when it came to making up my mind on whether to buy a moses basket or a co-sleeper it was a no brainer. The Snüzpod is bigger and suitable for babies up to the age of six months, whereas the average moses basket only last about four. Hedd had a moses basket for downstairs and grew out before he was even three months old.

The 3 in 1 function means it can be used to suit all needs. I mainly use it as an extension of my own bed, with the mesh side down. I would always go to bed when Hedd feel asleep which meant he was never left alone but now he's that bit bigger and sometimes sleeps longer I use it as a stand alone crib. The bassinet also lifts off with ease and it was perfect for Hedd's first camping trip.
 Not only do I love the design but it's so easy to use. From assembly to moving it around the house you really don't need to be a rocket scientist to work it out. So if a heavily pregnant single mum who doesn't even own a screwdriver can put it together then so can you.

The Snüzpod will fit almost any bed and comes with straps to attach it to a divan or a standard frame bed like mine. There are a number of height options so don't worry, your baby will always be at eye level which means I get to wake up every morning to that beautiful smiley face - at least one of us is well rested!

The fabric pod is breathable and hand washable. You can also opt for a chemical free mattress which of course I went for and all of Hedd's bedding is organic cotton and luxuriously soft. Everything is from The Little Green Sheep website and I even have the Organic Wool Cot mattress ready for when we make the move.

I will be sad when we have to start transitioning into his big boy bed because I'm so used to having him near. I think we'll start with having the cot in my room for a while. Thank you Snüzpod for helping me in my breastfeeding journey and also giving me the option to co-sleep safely.

Did you use a co-sleeper? Did you find it beneficial? Did you find it helped with your breastfeeding journey? Let me know in the comments below.

Laurie Rose

*The Snuzpod was gifted by The Little Green Sheep  however all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great guide! It's so useful for young parents! I love it.