Five Benefits of Babywearing with Bebeloco

Adjusting to life as a mother has been a rollercoster of emtionas. From the challenges I faced with breastfeeding to coping at home alone, somehow motherhood has just come naturally. I feel I have found my calling in life. The sleepless nights and aching body seem so worth it.

Babywearing was always something I wanted to try out, I would see friends carrying their children close, bundled up tight. As soon as Hedd was born I missed our connection, I missed being one and the closest thing I had to having him inside me again was my sling.

Hedd was only a week old when I ventured out for the first time. Not too far as I was still sore and weak from his birth. I was longing for the sunlight and within a week of me hibernating indoors, spring had most definitely sprung and it was the perfect weather for afternoon walks.

This is the Tricot Slen by Babylonia. It's made from 100% organic cotton and is super soft. I had already researched how to put it on and even practiced months before Hedd arrived. There are some great tutorials on YouTube and I didn't realise you could use this sling in so many different ways.

I chose the Aubergine because it was different. I was drawn to it when I stumbled across the amazing website Bebeloco. They stock wonderful ethical baby items from soft crocheted toys to ethical baby wears and everything in between.

I had seen the Solly Wrap all over Instagram and really wanted to get one but it was a bit pricey and what if I didn't like it. It also didn't seem very sturdy and I worried my baby wouldn't be safe.

When this arrived I was impressed by how heavy it was, which I must admit is a good thing, I felt that when I put it on and put Hedd in for the first time, he was going to be safe.

It's convenient

Being a single Mum I found going to the supermarket almost impossible. I didn't want to put my precious little human in one of those hard plastic seat on the trollies and taking the pram meant I could only use a basket. Now I can whizz round in no time and to be honest almost forget I even have Hedd with me.

It's a great way of exercising without actually exercising

I have never been one for getting physical. Yoga was about as far as I would go and I'm not talking hot-power-sweat to death yoga. I'm talking the slow calm help you sleep type yoga. Babywearing is a great way of burning a few extra calories. I live in a beautiful area and there is a country walk that take about 45 mins to do (on a good day) and so by wearing Hedd he gets to nap and be close to me and I get some well needed vitamin D and a weightlifting session.

Babies who are worn are happier

When the health visitor told me on day ten that the average baby cries four hours a day I was shocked. Hedd has never been a big crier he has always been a very content, well behaved baby. Don't get me wrong he has his moments but they only last a few minutes and he's soon smiling again. It has been proven that babies who come from indigenous cultures where baby wearing is the norm, there babies tend to cry for only a few minutes a day compared to western babies who seem to spend hours at it. Being close to their mother lets them naturally become in tune with her rhythms. The way she moves and breaths. This then also promotes early developments such as balance and for premature babies promotes quicker weight gain.

Slings help babies bond

I know some Dads say wearing their baby has brought them closer. It's a great way for Dad, Grandparents or other family members to have that interaction. I'm a single Mum so Hedd is only used to me and often cried when he goes to anyone else. It might be a good idea for my Mum to try it out that way he would feel safer and closer with her too.

A great way to feed on the go

This one isn't for everyone, me included. But yesterday my friend Jerry was feeding her son in the sling. I was in awe. If only my boobs weren't so big. Hands free breastfeeding sounds incredible.

Are you a baby wearer? What slings/carriers do you use?

Laurie Rose

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