Pregnancy | Half way there

I wasn't expecting my half way post to be quite like this. However after a busy few weeks and then to be struck with the flu I have been laid up in bed all week and I'm bringing you this post with my last scrap of energy. The most exciting thing to happen this week has to be my anomaly scan, I attempted to wait for a surprise but I just had to know and I'm ecstatic to announce that I am having a son. I think I knew deep down he was a little boy all along although I wouldn't have admitted it until now. 

Over the last three weeks Baby Belle has been wriggling around constantly, even the sonographer commented on how active he was. I can't begin to describe how reassuring it is, each hiccup and kick lets me know he's in there and he's growing. 

Now I'm officially in my 22 week, time seems to be getting away from me and I'm worried if I'm honest, I'm worried I won't be the best Mother I can be. I'm sure all these feelings are normal but it's an all consuming worry I can't seem to shake.

Each week brings a new set of challenges and even if I'm scared stiff I am taking them in my stride and I will fight with my every being to make sure my son is happy and healthy and never wants for anything.

How are you coping with your second trimester?

Laurie Rose

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