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After suffering for a whole two week with what I can only describe as the worlds worst hangover times a million, I finally got diagnosed with a severe urine infection which was making my morning sickness a whole lot worse. Of course the perfectly timed heatwave hasn't helped either. I have been dreaming of getting out of the house and enjoying the sunshine and even treating myself to a few essentials.

I haven't exactly seen a difference in my body shape yet but my boobs have been so heavy and achey and I can't really tell if it's a bump or just bloating. But I'm not going to lie, I can't wait to have a bump.

Here I have put together a few items I'm going to pick up as soon as I'm feeling better.

Maternity Bra - Having larger breast already, I'm slightly worried about how big they're actually going to get. Right now I'm out with the sexy and in with the comfort, I'm all about what prevents me from getting a bad back and is comfortable in the summer heat. A thrifty tip I was given last week was to start buying nursing bras now, that way you have bras for when you give birth and you don't have to over spend. This one is from M&S and comes in a pack of 2. The second bra is white and they only cost around £28 (which is cheaper than what i usually spend on a single bra.)

Oversized Chambray Shirt - I've had my eye on one of these for a long time - months before I even found out I was pregnant - and Topshop have a great range right now. I hate wearing anything tight in the summer as I sweat so much - no wonder she's single I hear you cry - apparently even as a child I would sweat a lot, I've never been normal. I can't wait to start showing but this shirt will avoid the awkward looks of "..is she pregnant or just fat."

Belly Butter - I have always been prone to stretch marks and over the years my weight has fluctuated so much I have been left with those horrendous silver slithers all over my body. I really want a pretty bump but I just have a feeling that's not going to happen. I have heard many people say they've used olive oil or coconut butter but I love everything moisturising by Burt's Bee's so this Mama Bee belly butter is on my shopping list.

Journal - Ever since I can remember I have always kept a journal - that's probably why I became a blogger. I have more note books in the attic filled with my mind rambles than I care to count and the amount of keepsakes I have definitely puts me on the cusp of being a hoarder. However this time it's going to be different, I want to document every last thing about my pregnancy and birth. My Mum was so busy finishing her nursing degree when she had me that I don't really have any keepsakes. But I want this bean to know just how sick she's made me and just how swollen my ankles got and how hard it was pushing her out, it should be a good form of contraception until she's at least 40!

What are our pregnancy essentials? Any advice on losing weight safely? Or how to avoid stretch marks? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

Laurie Rose

**You may have noticed me refer to the bean as she. It's just nicer than saying 'it' plus I just have a feeling.

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