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It's taken years for me to start liking my hair but just recently I've fallen in love with my locks all over again.

Like most teenagers I experimented with different colours and styles. I've been bright red, platinum, black and even experimented with dreadlocks. I abused my hair so much and over the last 12 months I really have tried to take care of my hair. So todays post is dedicated to haircare and celebrating finally being happy with my barnet.

I've been using the Korres shampoo and conditioner for about 18 months and the results are amazing, my hair is thicker and a lot healthier - and it's finally growing. I've even convinced Momma Rinse to try it out, and she loves it too. The scent is heavenly and a little goes a long way. I've found other natural haircare products drying and almost impossible to build up a lather. But Korres know their stuff. The scent lingers forever and even second or third day hair still seems fresh.

I picked up this hair mask from Fragrance Direct and use it once or twice a week, I leave it on for an hour and let it work it's magic. Having bleached hair can certainly take it's toll on your ends, especially if you're using a lot of heat - which I do because I have very frizzy hair.

After washing I towel dry my hair and then spray in some of the V05 Heat Protecter and leave it to dry as much as possible. Then I just blast it dry with the hair dryer. Then I just add a smidge of the Macadamia Healthy Oil Treatment to the ends and smooth over with the straighteners.

For over a year I used to have a weave but decided back in October I would give my hair a rest and see if it would grow. It has grown a lot over the last few months but I still add and few clip-in extensions to the sides to add a little length and volume. I've found if you add a bit of the Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo to the roots and back comb a little before applying the extensions, they stay put all day.

What are your favourite haircare products?

Laurie Rose

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