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REN Day Cream 10ml (sample size)

I love a good sample and I got this free with a magazine (well I think Momma Rinse did, sorry mum) This is the Vita-Mineral Day Cream, which I have been using over the last week. It's really nice, super quick absorption into the skin and it feels nice on my face. It's not too heavy and I don't think it's unscented but it's definitely not over powering. I am serious considering purchasing the full size of this but I would love to know a little more from you guys, any thoughts?

Sure Maximum Protection

It's not the most glamorous product but it is essential to everyday life. In the past I have used a number of spray antiperspirant. From Dove to Sanex and the majority work for a while, but then I seem to get used to them and I start to hate them. The skin under your arms is pretty sensitive and shaving regularly can cause irritation, how many of us actually moisturise our underarms? I sure don't. Having never really used a roll on before, this caught my eye one afternoon at the supermarket. It was on offer when I picked it up and I think it was half price at £2.99. And considering I've been using daily for almost two months, it's still going strong.

I'm not overly sweaty as a rule, but sometimes we all get a bit hot and bothered and since using this roll-on I haven't had any embarrassing sweat marks or any wetness in general. The scent is subtle and not over powering, which I find sometimes with an aerosols. Over all this is the best deodorant I've ever used. And even at their regular retail price of around £5, I would be happy to pay that time and time again for assurance that I am protected all day long.

Weleda Skin Food

I briefly mentioned this in one of my posts last week, you can find that here. I have been using this product for about two years, give or at a few months during the summertime. Weleda say you can use Skin Food for any part of your body that needs hydrating. I use mine for my hand mainly and sometimes I pop a little bit on my elbows, especially now it's getting a bit nippy outside.

It's quite a sticky consistent and it take a few seconds to settle in but once it has, my hands feel instantly hydrated. It has a zesty, lemony fragrance which stays with you for a while. Like I mentioned in my what's in my bag post, Weleda is a natural company and only uses the best ingredients in it's products. Winner. Definitely my handbag essential.

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover

As eye make up removers go, this is fab. I usually find they burn and irritate the corners of my outer eyes and I usually say well clear. I more than often use a face wipe (arrrghhh) most of you will be crying out right now. The simple range is great for affordability however most of the time I use the Korres range. Other products I've used have been the Body Shop Eye Make Up Remover which is gentle too and affordable. This one is a little bit greasy if you go over the top, so use it sparingly. It doesn't irritate my contact lenses either which is a bonus (I wear weekly contact lenses, so I don't take them out.)

Laurie Rose 

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  1. Deodorant is definitely one of my essentials! hehe

  2. I really love Skin Food too, it's a lifesaver during those super cold months!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. Ooh that skin food sounds nice!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  4. Anonymous17:22

    love your blog, would you like to follow each other? let me know and I will follow u back dear

  5. that skin foods stuff sounds great! ive got a problem with the skin between my thumb and palm just now so definitely in need of something to help it!
    Also just stumbled across your blog and followed! Great blog!