We are the sun chasers

Having been ill for a few weeks I haven't been able to get out and about. But since starting a new type of medication I'm feeling a lot better. I've started back at uni, which I have really enjoyed this week. I'm sure the novelty of the library will soon wear off, but for now I'm having fun and it's taken my mind off other things. One of the perks of being a student is your student loan, and all the discount available. I picked the dress and boots up last week, when ASOS were having their A/W 30% off sale. They both cost me last than £50, bargain. I am smitten with these boots, they are so comfy and the cut out is on trend. It hasn't been something I've liked before, I don't really like black boots, I prefer something a bit different and I fell for these as soon as I saw them. They have a good sole on them too, great for when it gets icy.

Most nights we head up the mountain to see the sun set, it's become a bit of a ritual. And seen as we're only meters away it's the perfect way to end them day. The lighting is perfect for taking pictures and we love heading up the the tin shed and taking in the beauty around us.

Dress - ASOS // Backpack - c/o Zatchels // Boots - ASOS // Watch - c/o Triwa // Necklace - c/o A Weathered Penny

What bargains have you found lately? Heard of any offers you'd like to share?

Drop me a line..

Laurie Rose



  1. You look gorgeous, and these are completely gorgeous pictures too.
    Glad you're feeling a bit better!

    Rosie x

  2. You look stunning! I love these photos so much. I'm happy you feel better :)x

  3. beautiful! i am loving your whole outfit and the beautiful background!

  4. These are really pretty pictures and the location looks lovely :) x

  5. OOOOH you're so really really lovely and pretty :)

  6. Lovely pictures and a beautiful look! :)


  7. Your photos are lovely . i love that watch xx

  8. This is a really pretty look, I love the floral print!

    Kimberley x


  9. Everything is so beautiful, you, ur look and a beautiful light, nature and the objects around. Love how u connected them all through the colour tones:) x

  10. another lovely floral dress! this looks really amazing on you! also like your boots!
    and i´m following on bloglovin and gfc too!

  11. I love those boots and the rucksack! Actually I would wear that whole outfit...so I LOVE IT ALL! You have a great fashion sense :)