London Retro Glasses | Review

Since I can remember I have wore glasses. My facial accessory has been with me since the age of six. I can remember my first ever eye examination. The optician was and old man with coffee breath and he came uncomfortably close to my face; on more than one occasion. I walked away that afternoon a glasses wearer for life. At six years old, I of course chose the My Little Pony clear rimmed specs with a detachable selection of pastel coloured ponies. I was ecstatic. That was until the bullying started. "Four eyes" they shouted. I was horrified, without my glasses I would bump into things and everything was a haze, I just couldn't understand why they were being so mean. I spent years being teased and eventually, at the age of 13 I was able to have contact lenses. There was no looking back, I wouldn't be seen dead in my glasses, I didn't even own a pair. And then all of a sudden people started wearing glasses. I noticed everyone around me wearing thick rimmed black glasses, some of my friends even had a collection without a prescription.

Glasses had now become fashionable.

But I still had a complex about wearing them, I didn't feel confident being seen wearing a pair. I would pick a new pair and love them but as soon as I got them something niggled inside me and the teasing started again in my head. So when MyOptique asked me to review a pair of London Retro glasses I was reluctant at first. I had a look at their website and I instantly fell in love with the vintage style and great selection of colours and shapes. They have something for everyone. I finally decided on Nancy in multicolour. I loved how the blues and reds shone through with the light, I had never seen anything like that before. The case is lovely too, just everything about Nancy is perfect and I haven't taken them off yet. I'm wearing them now as I'm writing this. If you're looking for something a bit different why not head over the MyOptique website and see for yourself.

Nancy by London Retro - MyOptique*

Laurie Rose


  1. These are so awesome!

  2. The shape of these are absolutely perfect <3

  3. This shape is so nice! I don't need glasses but I was in the opticians the other day and noticed EVERY pair there was square rimmed which sucks for people with square faces like me haha. It's nice to know rounder ones are still fashionable!


  4. Ahh they look lovely, the shape is so perfect!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com