Berlin | Rest of my time

The last few days in Berlin were wonderful, mainly relaxing, sightseeing and eating lost of Spätzel.

We had breakfast by the river, went thrift shopping went to vintage fairs and partied some more. I have met some incredible friends throughout my stay and I'm already planning autumn adventures to see them very soon, seen as I have nothing to hang around for here in Wrexham.

I have itchy feet, I need to get away and experience new things, new people and finally rid myself of the shite that is in Wrexham. Since arriving back my Grandmother has been poorly, my boyfriend split up with me and I've realised that I hate university, so it's about time I change a few things. I have been applying for clearings courses all over the UK (as far away as possible from Wrexham).

I have made this post more about how I feel than all about Berlin, I'm sorry I'm just so down with everything right now. If you're heading to Berlin and love thrift shopping head to Prenzlaur Berg, closest subway stop is Eberswalder Straße, in this area you will find Maurpark (Vintage Flea Market every Sunday 10am - 4pm) and all the thrift shops you will ever need. Some expensive some cheap as chips just explore and enjoy yourself.

Going to Berlin has put a few things into perspective, it has made me realise that I need to get away again, and travelling is in my blood. I have also realised that I NEED to be single and enjoy myself again, spend time with my friends and do things that make me happy not others.

Break Up's are so shitty!

Laurie Rose


  1. awhhh Berlin how I miss you! Oh Laurie, sorry to hear you are going through the shitter, hope they get better. xx

  2. Anonymous10:08

    Your trip to Berlin looks amazing, I really want to go now! Sorry to hear about your break-up, I'm going through the same thing myself at the moment and it really is hard, but time heals hey? xx

  3. Ive always wanted to go to Germany!

  4. Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I hope you find a university course that you're happy on.
    Berlin is one of my favourite cities and I'm planning to go back again some time, so these tips have been really useful.

  5. ahhh Berlin.... just looked up the notes on my phone and remembered your blog... remember me from the kebab place :D