Berlin | Day Three

We finally moved into a flat share in Kreuzberg and it's incredible. The apartment is HUGE beautiful high ceilings, concrete floors and a hug open plan living/kitchen space, great for hanging out. The other guys living here are awesome, the place is full of artists and musicians, we instantly connected and I feel we have made some life long friends, that I'm sure of. What I'm not sure about is how I break off this intense relationship I have with Berlin.

We trotted around Kreuzberg, looking for interesting place in alley ways, hidden tucked away gems. We stopped off for some lunch and with my hangover a huge burger and curly fries (Crazy Frites) was needed stat. It gave us some time to browse through my new guide book. I have so many places I need to go but so little time now.

We spent the evening in the park, there was music and a bbq and everyone was enjoying themselves. The sunset what outstanding I felt so at home sat drinking good beer, eating good food with wonderful people.

At 5am we decided it would be fun to go to an outdoor man made beach club. We queued for a while and they only let good looking people in so we felt good, we danced, we sweated in the humid dance floors, we chatted until 10am, so Saturday was a complete right off. We ate Vietnamese fried chicken and relaxed in the apartment.

Oh Berlin why are you so amazing?

Laurie Rose


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time & looked gorgeous too!



  2. The burger and curly fries look so good haha you made me hungry!


  3. goodness i want to be back already! how long are you there for? xx