Empties | Products I've Used Up

I really feel I'm getting into the swing of filming YouTube videos, after the daunting prospect that this is actually just me talking to a camera alone in my bedroom became slightly less weird I realised I rather enjoyed it. Really I'm just adding more things to my to do list but hey ho, the feedback I've had so far has been positive and I'm happy to announce I am a bit addicted. For my third video I wanted to do something that I really enjoy watching and that's an empties video. 

I'm forever trawling through YouTube to see what products people have used up and whether they enjoyed them or not. The ones I've included in this video are products I have repurchased and some I didn't really give a chance *slap on the wrist*.

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Laurie Rose 


  1. It takes me forever to get through a product! But I have to say I love all Aussie products they smell so good xx


  2. I love these videos too! Don't stop making them :D

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  3. Carry on making videos! You've been brave to do it so why stop now :)

  4. LOVE these videos. It is nice to see what people are actually using and enjoying. I am planning on doing a blogpost of my empties, but it could be a ramble. We'll see...eek! Haha!


  5. I never manage to empty anything, after seeing all these posts i've made it my goal to finish products before buying others aha! and i watch your videos and they're are great! x

  6. I loved watching your video! I'm super envious of all the products you have managed to use up, it takes me forever to get through things!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  7. This is such a good type of post...you've inspired me to collect my empties!

    <3 Melissa

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