one last time in the darkness, let's lie still as the night

Dress - Vintage // Cardi - Auntie Shirley's // Lips - Rimmel Apocalips in Luna // Pimple c/o My Hormones!

I have taken it upon myself to become more proactive when it comes to all aspects of my life. Forget what others think and generally enjoy the here and now, I'm such a worry wart at times. We each have things we would change about ourselves and I'm sure there are plenty of things others would change about me, but right now I enjoy my life, being alone suits me just fine, I have the rest of my life to be an adult and I certainly have plenty of time to enjoy 'me time' and the quality time spent with my nearest and dearest, you guys mean the world to me. 

For years the bad relationship choices and the wondering what could have been consumed me, I would over think situations, how I would have done things differently and then it dawned on me, there is nothing I could have done, you can't make someone love you no matter how hard you try. A close friend who just so happened to be the love of my life once labelled me as a 'serial dater' at the time I was outraged, the thought of being perceived in such a way made me realise, he was right. I was never without a relationship and the majority of the time I wasn't truly happy I was merely settling. Needless to say I messed up big time and we no long speak. If I could offer one bit of advice, never let the good ones go, no matter how tough it gets, don't be scared to fall in love. And then if like me you mess it all up, spend your life alone with a few cats drinking gin, jobs a good un. 

Laurie Rose


  1. Anonymous16:26

    What an open, honest post! I am sure you will not only have cats and gin Laurie, you're much too lovely for that =) xx

  2. this dress looks beautiful on you. the colour is gorgeous.

    I really love the honesty of what you've written as well... it's kind of made me realise a few things myself! I'm usually an overthinker too so its nice to read something you can really relate to. Thank you!

    soph xx


  3. This is a very thorough provoking entry too. I'm single and I'm enjoying it too, so heres to that!

    - Keyta

  4. Very pretty! Lilac makes contrast with your hair :)


  5. First of all, that dress is stunning as is your hair...it's seriously incredible-I adore the color.

    Second, I think no matter what we all have that one thing in our life we can't quite nail down and that we totally worry about far more than in probably productive but I try to tell myself that as long as I'm acknowledging that one thing and working at it in some way or another, it's good enough-this is the time in life to figure things out, try different things, and make mistakes. Hang in there!
    Xo Lori

  6. I love that - think about now and don't worry about anything else. Life is too short. You are beautiful and you're stronger than you think!


  7. Anonymous02:36

    Oh my goodness, Laurie, if that isn't the truth. I have spent so much time and energy wondering what I could have done differently to make certain relationships work out. But every time, I come around to the same answer--- nothing. The reason those relationships didn't work out is because they were crappy relationships to start with, I just didn't want to acknowledge that there was a problem from the beginning. Not that it makes it hurt any less, but it's good to know that I didn't lose the best thing that was ever going to happen to me.

    On a lighter note, gorgeous dress!

    x Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

  8. Your dress is such a lovely print and colour! You look beautiful!


  9. Wooooow love at first sight with your vintage dress!!!!! you're a goddess (*0*)
    have a nice weekend!! xxoo