Blue Rinse - Favourites Video

I have promised this for such a long time and it's finally up, my first ever beauty video. I am not crazy mad for the latest must favs but I enjoy looking after my skin and wearing a variety of lipsticks. This first video is not very long and I'm just talking a little bit about my current favourite products that I use day to day. I would much rather spend my money on vintage dresses and enjoying myself but a girl can never have too many lipsticks and I am a firm believer in looking after what you have while you're still young. 

Items featured in the video.
Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
Boujour - Healthy Mix Concealer 
Hello Flawless Foundation - Benefit
Browzing Eyebrow Palette - Benefit
Witch - Naturally Clear Foaming Facewash
Tea Tree Water - Lush
Hemp Hand Protector - The Body Shop
Aussie - Curl Definition
Basics Denman Dupe Brush - Primark 

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Laurie Rose  


  1. I really love the Dr. Bronner's Soaps too! I often use mine for washing my face and deep cleaning makeup brushes. Also I've tried using it in my laundry when I have to hand wash clothes, and it works great!

  2. I've also been loving everything witch hazel!

  3. We adore this video Laurie, congratulations on your first vlog!
    Natural, honest + beautiful - pretty much sums up your entire blog in one video.
    We cannot wait to watch more..


  4. I loved this video! You looked so much more natural that me, I still feel a bit awkward in mine! Your blog looks wicked so I have followed you, maybe you could check mine out if you have a minute?