all your secret wishes could right now be coming true

The raw unspeakable feeling you get when you hear the first few bars of a song. The memories are encapsulated in seconds, forcing you to smile or in reality often weep.

If like me, to you, music is emotive, it's fulfilling, bridging a gap that often others in our lives can only attempt. The goosebumps prick as the tears roll down your cheeks.

I will at times, revert back to a mix tape an ex made me, the memories we shared live through those 19 tracks. Not just of our relationship but the friendships we made. Lost night on moonlit sand dunes or overheated bike rides across narrow pathways. 

In truth, I rarely think of him these days but any relationship lives on through the music you shared, whether it be a lost friendship or a brief encounter. Lyrics linger and often haunt us. We will all experience loss sooner or later and many of us draw comfort from hidden meanings or the blatant I miss yous. 

On a day like today I often reflect. Yes I am alone, but I am happy. I like me. Until you learn to love yourselves how can you expect anyone else to love you. It's simple, if you're alone today, have a moment, eat your body weight in chocolate, bury your head under the duvet, even have a little cry. But always remember you have the music, the memories and you are beautiful. 

Laurie Rose

I would love to hear which songs mean something to you.


  1. This is beautiful! Nearly brought a tear to my eye, you're absolutely right.
    I guess Mumford & Sons Winter Winds is a song that makes me think about stuff, can make me cry too. Also does Billie Holiday's Crazy He Calls Me.
    I'm glad you are happy :) xxx

  2. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/
    :) Happy Valentine's day!

  3. Lovely little post Laurie x

  4. Oh, this is lovely! I always associate music with events and people - The Only Ones Who Know by the Arctic Monkeys always makes me want to cry (but don't tell anyone!)

  5. Beautiful post, I agree with the learning to love yourself bit :)

  6. Fool That I Am - Etta James
    All I Could Do Was Cry - also Etta James
    I bet I sound so lame right now...I really love this.

  7. So true! I have too many favorite songs that bring me memories, but If I had to choose only one, that would be "Hey Jude" and thank God it doesn't remind me any particular ex, just my holidays in Crete when I was sixteen...

    p.s. thankx for following!