all day long she's waiting, to be somebodies dancer

Dress - Vintage // Cardi - Red Herring // Lips - Rimmel Apocalips in Luna

Not long arrived back from Liverpool, I had a lovely weekend. Nothing productive at all but I enjoyed some yummy tofu with udon noodles and cheap wine. We wrapped up on the sofa and watched shite TV it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening. It has poured down all weekend it's been truly miserable which in turn is making me feel slightly blue today. The week ahead is looking to be a mundane one, mainly work and lots of uni work to be getting on with, what a great way to take my mind off the fact it's Valentines Day and I shall be spending it alone once again. The thought of the summer is keeping this smile on my face, adventuring keeps me sane and planning keeps me strong.

Laurie Rose


  1. How is your hair so perfect!
    and that lip colour is amazing on you!
    love your blog :)


  2. I tried tofu for the first time ever on Friday and was surprised to find that I liked it!

    I'm not sure whether to invest in any of the Apocalips yet, but from what I've seen Luna would be the shade I'd probably get. This looks beautiful on you....you've nearly sold it to me!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  3. Just how I spent my Saturday evening too :) lovely dress! xx

  4. Your hair is gorgeous!
    I'm a winter person but even I'm itching to get out of boots and into pretty shoes again :) x

  5. You are beautiful and I'm very happy to have just stumbled across your blog!

  6. I so love your hair!

    XX, IamJenniya

  7. Your hair is so beautiful and very retro!

  8. Anonymous18:53

    haha, I've just read the other comments and I'm jumping on the band wagon! I have total hair envy! *swoon*

  9. Oooooh really good pics, and your make up is very cuuuute (*0*)
    I like your outfits!! Grettings from Barcelona xxoo!


  10. ah your hair is just to die for! x

  11. The thought of summer makes me feel better too! You look adorable too by the way! ;-)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. ;-)
    Your newest follower,

  12. such a pretty, modest dress!! you look so lovely! :D

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  13. I love your style, very sweet =) Check it out my latest post, "Under Construction"! Thank you for follow me, I´m following you now!
    Kisses, Mar


  14. cant believe ive JUST found ur blog... omg i wanna raid ur lipstick collection! fab fab fab! xxx

  15. Your hair looks so soft and beautiful in ever single one of your posts. Do you mind me asking what products you use? It just looks so healthy! Also, I love the simplicity of this outfit, polka dots and a cardigan; very gorgeous :D