Finding the perfect liquid eyeliner is key to creating that 50's winged effect. A look that I use everyday. Some may say I am unimaginative as I wear this style for every occasion, whether I'm heading to the Supermarket, or dancing the night away with my friends, my eye make up never changes.
After using the same product for years I was reluctant to change, I was happy and never had any problems. Then a few months ago I heard about the Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner and I got excited, I had to try it. 
I ordered mine from eBay which was slightly cheaper than Boots at £6.00 with postage.
I loved the packaging instantly, the retro feel of the Soap & Glory branding is sleek and fun apart from that I really didn't get on with this product.
The nib seems perfectly fine until you try and use it, it's not firm enough and far to wide.

Here I have swatched Supercat on the left and Rimmel Exaggerate on the right you can immediately see the difference between precision and opaqueness. I am very dissappionted with this product and will not be repurchasing. 

Laurie Rose 


  1. I love liquid eyeliner, I wear it practically every day, even if it's slightly boring to wear the same sort of thing, oh well! x

  2. I wish I could put it exactly how it should be - the liquid eyeliner. But that's a good review to differentiate each product. :)

    Happy New Year by the way! xx


  3. I think I might like Supercat.. it looks thick. Is it not dark enough with one swipe?

  4. I gave this product a negative review in the summer too! Boo!

  5. If you haven't tried the collection 2000 liquid eyeliner I would definitely give it a try- its been my fave one for years now. If your a gel liner fan the maybelline super liner is brilliant.
    Nice blog xx


  6. I've tried both these products and like you, always wear eyeliner whatever the occassion. I quite like the thickness of the Supercat, but I completely agree that the blackness isn't at all black compared to the Rimmel. On the other hand though, I love that it's like a felt tip :) brings out my inner child haha!