Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation : Review

For some time I have been undecided on what type of foundation suits not only my skin colour but type, over the last few years my skin hasn't been at it's best, one day it's dry and flaky and then I will suffer with break outs and oily/ combination skin. It's so difficult to stick to one foundation when your skin is so unpredictable. One thing I had always been adamant about was I needed FULL coverage, I have always been self conscience about the dark circles under my eyes and would plaster it on, could this have been the cause of my bad skin?
I hadn't yet tried a mineral foundation and when I was contacted by Inika, I jumped at the chance. 

When I received my items I was pleased with the overall look and packaging. I usually love pumps but this one is a little temperamental, not sure whether I have a duff one or I'm just doing it wrong, most likely to be the latter. Allow a generous amount for application as it takes a while to settle into the skin and dries very quickly, it becomes tacky on the skin but I find this with most Natural/Organic Foundations I had the same trouble with the UNE foundations. 

If you don't like herbal you wont like this, the scent is strong and lasting which is something I really liked about this product. Coverage is medium but when applying a powder on top I would say I had a pretty full coverage, without looking caked in make up! I find this to be long lasting too which is perfect for my 12 hour days and I have not needed to re apply. 

Overall I really enjoy using this product, the only issue I have, which is an issue I have with most Natural Beauty foundations is how quickly it sets when applying, other than that I think it's great! 

Laurie Rose xo

p.s please excuse my early morning face!


  1. I've been looking in to this as I love Inika's makeup, especially their eye-shadows, and have been curious about this :) xo

  2. Wow you're really pretty! Combination skin is a huge drag, so thanks for doing a review!xx

  3. I love the eyeliner on you! You're very pretty :)


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  5. I've never heard of this, but it looks really good!