If you don't already know I have dry/ sensitive skin that can be flaky and itchy although it has improved since coming off my medication but I still suffer from time to time and it's a pain, I can hardly apply fake tan or gradual tanners as it clogs and looks awful. I have a few go to moisturisers and prescribed emollients but I am always on the look out for something different.  

Evolve embody everything you would expect from an organic natural beauty range, cruelty free, recycled materials and a passion to create products that really work. I stumbled across their website while researching natural beauty and just had to give it a go. I usually always start with a moisturiser when trying out a new range and this product didn't let me down. Firstly it smells amazing, there is only one thing that comes to mind when I apply this, and somehow I am taken back to a childhood birthday party. It smells like icing, not a scent you would usually want smothered all over your body but it's wonderful and fresh and in no way sickly. 

Skin Cocoon Body Cream : £14.99 for 200ml

I have been using this product for a good few months now and I love it, it melts perfectly into the skin and its not too thick. I often find products designed for dry/ sensitive skin are heavy and a pain to apply but it glides beautifully over your skin and a little goes a long way. I am excited about this brand and would love to try some more of what evolve have to offer, I'm nearing the end of my shampoo and conditioner, will definitely be stocking up on more evolve products come pay day.

Laurie Rose xo



  1. I have the same skin type so this product sounds amazing! Definitely going to have a look at the evolve range now :) x


  2. This looks good,, i'll have to try it out.

    Sheree x