Purple Haze

Hello Waist, Where Have You Been Hiding?

I realise that I have been somewhat lacking in the outfit posts of late, I have been working super pants shifts this month and it seems I haven't had a minute to myself. I've also moved back to my momma's casa to save some pennies, not quite sure what my plans are for the future but London is calling and this time maybe just maybe I will get there.

Living in a small town in North Wales, I often have to travel to uncover the homeless hidden gems, but a few weeks ago I was in the right place at the right time and hey presto for once I found something that wasn't vinyl or a casserole dish.

I found this dress in my local Oxfam, which I have to say is awful, the lack of stock and poor location  make it less than appealing to passers by. In January I applied for the role of Manager and the plans I had were endless but unfortunately due to funding they had to withdraw the position. I shed a tear or two. This branch is seriously suffering. This Primark dress was just three squids. I loved the pattern as soon as I saw it, the combination of the purple and yellow work so well together.

My lengthy battle with depression and junk food seems to finally be over, gone are the days of binging, the nasty meds that were forever increasing my apatite and my smile is now a permanent fixture. I am thrilled to announce I am over half way to my ideal weight goal.
**Does A Little Dance**

Dress ~ Primark (Current) {I bought mine from Oxfam}
Cardigan ~ Primark
Belt ~ Thrifted

Look I have a waist.

I'm still a plus size girl and proud (but watch this space)

Laurie Rose xx



  1. LAURIEEE! You beaut! Firstly, MASSIVE well done! How you have done this is quite frankly incredible, the fact you feel good about yourself is such a massive achievement! Im so glad you'r happy :-). What's your secret?! ;-) Secondly, YES! you must come dawwwn saath! xxx

  2. Just had to say a massive well done! You look beautiful. x X x

  3. Well done lovely. looking beautiful xxx

  4. Glad you're feeling happier :) You look amazing!! And the dress is gorgeous :)

    Kirsti xx

  5. YOu have such pretty smile. I love that dress!

  6. You're looking fab lady! I love your hair :)


  7. You are absolutely beautiful!

    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it <3

  8. Is that dress really from primark? I have the exact same in top-version, but I bought it for about £15 from a little boutique where I live! Hope i've not been scammed lol. Anyway it looks gorgeous on you:) xx

  9. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Your body, face, attitude, just everything. And you really know how to dress. :)xx

  10. Anonymous17:39

    You look lovely! fab dress x

  11. Genuinely one of the most beautiful ladies, ever xo

  12. LOVE the dress!!!

  13. Glad that you're happier now! Congrats on the halfway mark. You look gorgeous in that dress! :)

  14. You look absolutely beautiful Laurie love! And I'm happy you can manage your depression! I still suffer with my from day to day!

  15. You look amazing and congratulations on being half way to your goal! :) I know how horrible depression can be so kudos to you with beginning to manage it <3 I live in a little town in North Wales as well (nr Wrexham) and my dream is to move to London! It's far too quiet around here for my liking!


  16. What an absolutely lovely blog you have here. You have a truly beautiful figure as well as a gorgeous smile. Stay happy x