My Monthly Must Haves

These are just a few of my favourite beauty items I have been using this month. 

Allure ~ Chanel
Foundation/ PowerBrush ~ Ecotools
Naked 2 ~ Urban Decay
60 Second Nail Polish (Instyle Coral) ~ Rimmel

I have been using Allure for years, alternating between that and Dior Addict, it's a wonderful summery fragrance, light and long lasting. It is on the pricey side but it lasts months and months. Since being sent the Eco Tools Brushes to review I haven't touched any of my other brushes, I love them. The brushes are 100% cruelty free, the bristles are synthetic but remain soft and smooth on the skin. They are beautifully designed and are now part of my day to day routine.
For my birthday my parents proved they actually listen when I ramble on and surprised me with the Urban Decay ~ Naked 2 palette. I personally couldn't bring myself to spend £36 on eyeshadow but now I finally have one I know it is going to last forever, the array of shades are perfect for my colouring and the brush that was included is great too. If you have some spare pennies after paying the bills and you feel like treating yourself, BUY THIS I promise you wont be disappointed.
When I'm at work I am not allowed to wear nail varnish but my collection is still growing and the 60 second range by Rimmel is one of my drug store favourites, inexpensive and the range of shades seems endless, the one pictured is Instyle Coral. You usually only need one coat and the name is right it really does only take 60 seconds to dry. They seem to last forever without chipping too (saying that I usually only have mine on for three days at anyone time) So if you have used this please let me know if you think it does't last as long as you would like.

What are your beauty favourite this month?

Laurie Rose xo



  1. Love the colour of the nail varnish, so pretty and summery! x

  2. Anonymous20:50

    I love the nail varnish colour, I hate how long nail varnishes take to dry so maybe I need some of these ones!x

  3. I so want that Naked Palette. I have the first, but now want the second. I've recently got a new job and one of the greatest things about it that I can wear nail varnish :D


  4. I literally adore my ecotools powder brush, naked 2 palette and rimmel coral polish! great minds think alike clearly haha xxx


  5. I really love Chanel perfumes, my fave right now is Coco Mademoiselle. I have heard really good things about eco tools, and they are really inexpensive which is great! I have to try them out! Also about the Naked 2, i think it's pretty expensive, but i guess it is quite worth it! Great faves! x

    your newest follower,


  6. right now i'm loving my revlon colorstay foundation because it withstands the summer heart and covers all my flaws

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  7. Ooh! I really want Ecotools brushes! *0*
    And I hear so many good things about the NAKED palettes! >U<

  8. I'm looking for some new make up brushes so will have to try these out! I love Rimmel as well, their colours are so pretty and go on like a dream! xxx

  9. your nails look really pretty! allure's my fav too!

  10. I love that Rimmel varnish! the colour is so cute :) xx

  11. I am in love with my Naked2 palette :) xo

  12. I love the Nail Polish too! Nice color!xoxo http://xcomemoda.blogspot.nl/

  13. I like Urban Decay 2, I have it and I love it!
    kisses :)