Instagram #4

This last week has been a roller-coaster I can tell you. Last weekend I spent the weekend at the beach with the wonderful Adam, it was lovely we walked along the beach (even though it was cold) set up camp in the dunes, drank wine and listened to eighties music it was perfect! Then as soon as Adam left for the long journey back to Ipswich I started to feel a little under the weather, two days later I was straight to the DR's with raging tonsillitis. The weather this week has been wonderful and being laid up in bed has been unbearable. After one whole hour sat out in the sun with my house mates I now not only have tonsillitis but now I am also treating severe sunburn. owch!!
This next week can only get better, Adam is coming to visit & it's my BIRTHDAY. Extremely excited for my jubilee themed garden party and the being whisked off again camping along the north coast of Wales.

beautiful morning sky, sunny red toes, the beach <3, Sidney, cure for a sore throat, makeshift camp fire, vintage tin in the grass, the distillers, sunburnt face, feet in the pool.


Laurie Rose xx


  1. feel better very, very soon! tonsilitis is really the worst...it just knocks you out. beautiful afghan & kitty to help you feel better! xo.

  2. veryyy cute pictures!! I'm def going to follow you girly!! :D xx

  3. each picture gets cuter and cuter! lovely! x

  4. birthdays are always exciting. just hope you feel better very soon so you can have a blast on your birthday
    ps. i think your eyes are very beautiful and doll like :)

  5. Love your blog! Your photos are just lovely :)

    Kirsti xx

  6. aww cute pictures. Love your blog!

  7. minus the tonsilitus, this looks like a great weekend! cute photos xx

  8. i hope you're fine now with your tonsillitis :( but i love your charming blog...and you are soooo pretty too together with your other photos. so deary. :)

    thanks for the follow! did the same too! XX

    <3 <3 <3