Blue Rinse began in the autumn of 2011, I was stuck in a rut after a whirlwind year exploring The Netherlands. A passion for creative writing and crafting inspired me to document my daily doings. Over the years I have explored a range of topics and I'm currently re-evaluating the direction I want to take moving forward.


what camera do you use? I am currently using the Nikon D3100 with standard kit lens, but looking to upgrade soon. Any suggestions?

do you have a medical condition? Yes. I suffer from fibromyalgia a chronic condition that affect all my joints and muscles. I have good days and bad days but overall I manage with the support from close friends and family.

do you make videos? Yes. I started out last year but felt really uncomfortable in front of the camera - mainly my own insecurities - but i'm raring to get back into them.

what is your job? I am a freelance journalist and social media consultant. I work with small businesses and brands.

where are you from? North Wales


  1. Anonymous20:53

    Hello lovely! I just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award - congratulations! You can check out the rules here...

  2. Hi Laurie Rose! Thank you so much for following me =) I'm new to the blogosphere and really appreciate the love and kindness people are showing me! Also, I love your picture here so so much. Super cute! x

  3. Hey Ling :)

    No problem at all, you have a great blog! you made me blush hehe thank you :)
    i'm not sure if you're into knitting but I have a giveaway at the moment and wondered if you would like to enter?
    all info of how to enter is there :)

    Take Care xxxx

  4. Anonymous10:18

    You are absolutely gorgeous. I swear you dont look 23 lol.

  5. Laurie Rose Belle - I think what your doing is great. Love your site, your ambition, your dreams. Your review of my cafe was really appreciated. Please let me know when your next coming in it would be good to meet. We have coming up this December some evening events which you might enjoy. Keep up the great blog. PS love the scrabble font.


  6. You are adorable! Loving your blog. Happy New Year!
    Nestled in Nostalgia

  7. Love love your blog! Check mine out? Just Getting Started:)

  8. Baked beans are terrifying! Someone (who knows I hate them) threw one at my arm once, absolutely traumatised!

  9. Hello, :)
    Just discovered your blog, I've just had to get myself the Theatre print dress, its just beautiful as is your blog.

    Kerrie x


  10. Great blog Laurie x

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