Going Green in 2015 | B is for Blueberry

Only a couple of weeks ago I was spending my evenings racing round the kitchen, making batches of purees for Hedd to have the following day. I bought myself a fancy blender; ice cube trays, bowls, spoons, the lot, only to find that Hedd didn't get on with me feeding him off a spoon. He started grabbing at my plate and wanted what I was eating. I wanted to give the baby led weaning a go, but my anxiety about him choking took over and instead I found myself forcing him to take the pureed meals I'd spent hours preparing.

Then, after a chat with one of the lovely Mums at our local breastfeeding group, I decided it was time it give it another go. I lightly toasted some organic bread, spread a little bit of butter on it and sliced it into fingers. Within five minutes the round of toast was no more and so was my anxiety.

Now almost two weeks on, Hedd is exclusively baby led. I wish I'd started it sooner. It means I can get stuff done while he's eating. My house has never been this tidy! One of Hedd's favourites at the moment is Blueberries, he can pick them up easily and just shoves them straight in - it's rather amusing to watch.

 five benefits of blueberries 

Not only are blueberries a great idea for baby snacks they have a wealth of health benefits. 

The word superfood gets bandied around a lot these days. It's a fad word that I hate seeing plastered on packaging. It's a way of getting people who haven't got a clue to pay astronomical prices for everyday foods. However, if I was going to label just one food a superfood, it would be Blueberry. 

Blueberries have the lowest level of natural sugar than any other fruit, making it the perfect accompaniment to your morning porridge or as a mid morning snack. 

tip: i buy frozen blueberries all year round. each morning i add a handful to my porridge and within a couple of minutes those freshly frozen berries are defrosted. one way of getting your blueberry fix when they're out of season. 

They help prevent urinary tract infections - something I know all about just recently. Instead of cranberry juice each morning drink a glass of blueberry juice instead, it tastes better and the blueberries, like the cranberries helps prevent bacteria binding to the lining of the bladder.

Any food that claims to reduce inflammation is a winner in my book. I have added a handful to my daily diet and on the whole, I've been feeling heaps better recently. Coincidence? I think not!

Researchers found that including blueberries into your daily diet reduces belly fat. Increasing your blueberry intake also affects genes linked to fat burning and storage.

Antioxidents in Blueberries can also soften skin and offer some well needed hydration this time of year.

honey & blueberry hydration mask

a handful of fresh local blueberries
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil
juice of half a lemon
1 tsp sugar 

pop all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. apply to your face, avoiding the eye area. leave for ten minutes and remove with a warm cloth. 
you can keep in the fridge for three days.

What are your favourite blueberry recipes? Share your ideas below.

Laurie Rose