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I can't remember the last time I had a relaxing holiday. When I go away I can't keep still, I have to be seeing and doing the whole time. But last week I headed to Bluestone Resort in Pembrokeshire for a very relaxing spa retreat, this time I didn't have a choice I was going to relax even if my life depended on it. I had seen the term babymoon floating around the internet - and although it is usually accosiated with couples having their last holiday together before their baby is born  - I decided I would take this time to relax and reflect on the difficult year that's now, thankfully behind me.

When I turned 25 I had somewhat of an epiphany. I knew it was about time I started looking after my skin. I now cringe when I look at a packet of face wipes on the supermarket shelves, I didn't even used to go for the good ones. I would always buy the cheapest possible, the ones that burned the corners of my eyes. I now have a ritual, I think that also comes with age and responsibility. I'm going to be a Mum in five weeks and I have bills that I pay every month, without fail. I am religious with my evening skincare routine and I do it no matter where I am. So I though I would go through a few of the items I used on my recent trip.

There is nothing quite like rubbing rubbing away that face full of make up that seen you through the day. And I always tend to gravitate towards the cream cleansers. Although I've tried a number of oils and balms, I just find a cream based cleanser leaves my skin feeling super duper clean and helps moisture my dry patches. I have spoken about my hatred for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser a number of times so I won't harp on about but this one by nspa is virtually its doppelgänger. It pretty much has the same directions for use and the scent is pretty much identical only it's half the price and best of all it doesn't break me out. 

I massage one pump onto my dry face, working it in around my eyes breaking up all that liquid eyeliner and mascara I wear daily. I then take the muslin cloth - which is provided - and run it under the hot hot hot tap. I then carefully wring it out and start wiping away my day. I use that time when I have the warm cloth on my face to reflect, it's calming and cathartic in a way. I usual do two lots of hot and then give my face a sock with a final clod cloth. 

This product removes every last scrap of make up including waterproof mascara. It's my holy grail item and I will never give it up.

Micellar Water
I remember when I first started blogging, everyone who was anyone in the blogshere used to use Bioderma. You weren't worthy of the title beauty blogger unless you went to France and stock piled it by the gallon. There were odd pharmacies in London that sold it but I live in Wales and don't often make trips aboard to buy special types of water. Then last year I was contacted by a french pharmaceutical website who sent me a few sample items to review and this little fella was amongst the products. 

It has a heavenly fresh scent with cucumber extract which has a cooling effect. Even though all my make up has been removed by the cleanser, I find using this on a cotton pad reduces the redness from all the rubbing and really helps my sensitive skin calm itself down - especially in the morning when I'm rushing.

Great size for travelling.

I haven't stopped recommending this eye cream since I started using it back in November. I think I blabbed on about it for a good three minutes over in my November Favourites video so here's a link if you want to know a bit more.

It's no secret that I am the worlds biggest bath fan. I take a bath, with out fail every night. This is down to having a chronic condition that affects my joints and muscles and having a long soak each night helps relax my tired achey body. If you're interested in a post about restorative bath products then let me know and I will do a separate post on that very soon.

After my bath there nothing better than slathering yourself in a good quality body butter and you can't go wrong with The Body Shop. I prefer their more earthy scents as I find the fruity ones can be a bit sickly after a while, but that's just personal preference.  

When I'm all clean and finally in my fluffy pyjamas that's when I reach for my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This sits on my bedside cabinet and just before I settle into my evening read I take this and smother my face in it. It has a really herbally, natural scent which I can't get enough of. The combination of this and my This Work Pillow Spray is enough to make you sleep for a hundred years.

This is an investment I suggest every single one of you make, right now...go on...do it...do it now!

I really had a wonderful time at Bluestone and it gave me some well earned time alone. I suggest everyone - pregnant or not - get in the car and go somewhere new, alone. It's liberating!

Laurie Rose 

*Some of these products were sent to me for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions are my own. I purchased the wash bag in the sale from Debenhams.

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